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Textures.  Cee’s challenge this week.  I chose  soft, bumpy, rough, lacey, pinchy, velvety, smooth, and one that I just can’t really label.  Maybe you have a label for it.

I hope someone can tell me what they think that mushroomy thingy texture might be.  I didn’t touch it, so I’m not sure.  Don’t waste too much time guessing ’cause you need to head on over to Cee‘s blog by clicking on the cute little critter below.  You’ll see more on “Textures” and some fabulous fotography. 🙂


Thank you for stopping by.  I am happy with every comment or like.  It pleases me if you even just browse and find anything interesting.  So stop back, OK?


  1. Lovely collection of textures. I had a crazy mushroomy thing show up on my lawn last year. It got so large that from a distance I thought that someone’s volleyball had landed in the yard. Up close it was so creepy it looked fake. Never saw another.

    • Good grief! A volley ball? I’ve had some large ‘rooms in my front yard from time to time but that takes the cake! This one was in a park on a trail. I’ll need to go back. I want to feel it to see if it’s slimy or mushy, or whatever! Make sure if another grows in your yard that you don’t kick it! The name for that would be messy!

  2. So fun! TV Cat is my favorite. The freaky mushroom is spongy. I stepped on one just like it to try and break it and kick it out of Cupcake’s way. She would say its texture is magically delicious, because she wanted to eat it.

      • hey!
        i’m not sure if my reply back on the hibiscus went through or not, and it’s easier to write back here than look for it on the slow connection! it’s faster this morning than yesterday.

        if the hibiscus has not been sprayed with any chemicals, then enjoy what’s there on a daily basis! you can pick the unopened flowers, or the opened ones. i think that the day-after ones would be fine as well.. they usually drop off in the night, but some cling for another day. since they open daily, i usually don’t bother washing them – the air is clean here! if you brew them in a tea, then yes, it’s easy to wash them, but if you’re going to use them in a salad, washing them usually makes then fold over/under and they’re not so pretty!

        i’m about to post another ‘color’ for the wordpress theme, and one of the photos shows the flowers that are prepped for a gumbo!

        yes, gumbo!


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