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For this week’s challenge, I‘d love to use all the colorful spring flowers growing hither and yon, BUT THERE AREN’T ANYWell hardly any.  This forced me to go on a color treasure hunt.  Spring will pop electric soon enough – I suppose.  Here’s a mix of some of last year’s flowers and a few other items out of the crayon box.

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  1. This is definitely a “crayon box” of colors – That big box with 96 colors and the sharpener on the back. That sharpener never worked right. These colors work perfectly. I need a garden gnome…. And a garden…

  2. I just adore crocus flowers, and that is my favourite colour. Those rainbow Easter eggs are pretty colourful, aren’t they? Are they real eggs which have been dyed?

  3. Your ‘yellow beauty’ from this year is a lovely close up Gemma ! And I wouldn’t mind one or two of those blue garden globes myself 😉

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