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OK.  I am really stretching it here.  The following is a first attempt at joining mi amiga, Lisa‘s request for taking a shot at “art”.  I put quotes around that because “art” is in the eyes of the beholder, and this might not be your idea of art.

Today after picking up my two little charges, I let them run willy nilly through the school yard.  They sprang into action, flitting through the dandelions and buttercups, pulling up “flowers for mom”.  I spotted this bee, doing just about as much flitting as they were, so I called them over to look.  While they ooooo’d and ahhhhhh’d I snapped this picture.

art 1

And while they were at the skating rink this afternoon, I sat with one eye on them and one eye on my bee. Drawing.   I realize I’m taking a chance here.  Lisa is the Queen of Right Brain, and does some amazing, incredible, brilliant art, but I value her opinion, so I’m doing this!  Here goes nada…

art 2

Travel to the wonderful world of Zeebra Designs and Destinations in Equador and see some real “art”.  I don’t exaggerate when I say Lisa’s blog is a beautiful thing.



Yogawood - Collingswood, NJ

Yogawood – Collingswood, NJ

If you live in the area, click here to visit the Yogawood Studio on Haddon Avenue in Collingswood, NJ.  If you’re into photography, click on the icon below to visit the  diverse entries to this week’s WordPress Challenge.




Just when I thought I’d have nothing for WordPress’s challenge this week, I lucked into an adventurous ESCAPE.  No. It’s not the vacation of a lifetime, or a retreat to a fabulous spa.  Those things are quite out of reach for this girl.  But, I think this adventure applies.

Dear sweet mom lives this  apartment building.  013

So you can imagine my trepidation yesterday when I heard the fire alarm blazing in the hallway.  Lights were flashing, sirens were blaring and this girl was freaking out!  Good ol’ mom said it was nothing and refused to take my advice when I told her we needed to leave.  It wasn’t til the neighbor down the hall said he could smell smoke, that she took the evacuation seriously.  Well, semi-seriously.  Walking at a snails pace (which to be honest is her only pace at 90 years of age) she headed for the closet.  I thought she might be disoriented and frightened, but I should have known better.  I followed her into the room, prepared to carry all 102 pounds of her if I had to, when she asked, “Should I wear a sweater?”  Now, I was trying to be patient and understanding, but I was starting to panic.  Raising my voice a bit, I told her we NEEDED TO GO!  She assured me that there was no rush and pulled out a pair of socks and her cute little white sneakers and that’s when I lost it!  I mean really, woman!  We’re not walking the fashion  catwalk!  We’re making our great escape!

Paying me no mind, she slipped on her socks and shoes and took my hand, prepared to lead me to safety.  Slowly, methodically, we walked the stairway to the main level, all the while, me smelling smoke and her assuring me that there’s really no reason to panic.

This is what awaited us when we got to the front door.

Neighbors and friends looked on as the trusty firemen and men in blue braved their way into the building.   I was relieved to be out on the sidewalk.  Mom was telling me what a nice evening it was.  We waited and waited and finally we were told it was safe to go in.  WHAT?  Safe?  That quickly?  People started to file back into the building, and I approached one of the young firemen standing beside Truck No. 16.  “Is it ok to go in?” I asked.  The nice young man told us it was perfectly fine.  Apparently, our great escape was for naught.  We were told that someone had burnt their dinner!!

I still think we did the right thing leaving, but mom was just concerned that we were missing the ball game.

I guess that old saying is true – mom’s know best.  Sorry I didn’t listen, again, mom. 🙂


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Little by little, it’s getting here.  Spring!  I can tell by the pinwheels on the lawn.  What?  Well I don’t know if this is an official sign of spring, but, when someone decides it’s time to put these colorful lawn decorations out, I’m guessing they’re telling us spring is just around the corner.  When I saw this a month ago, I was thrilled.  Spring!  Yahoo! Finally! 

spring pinwheels

Now, which corner was it that spring was around?

Mother Nature needs to get with it!  She’s either sleeping on the job, or old man winter has her held captive.  The news people threatened us with frost last night, and told everyone to bring in their plants.  I don’t know who told them they make the rules, but I wore capris and a short-sleeved t-shirt today (and a soft, warm sweatshirt over the top of it all).  Yes. I’m stubborn.

Just down the street from this house is a business district that also welcomes the season in with giant flower pots, painted by local artists.  They’ve been doing this for some time now, so the pots are a bit worst for wear, but still – SPRING!  There were too many for one gallery, so bear with me. I posted two. 😀


I hope you’re enjoying your spring, if spring is what you’re having.  If not, I hope this brought a little sunshine into your day.  Please click on the icon below and stop over at Cee’s blog for a look at more of the spring season.


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There’s been a lot of talk about patterns – whether they be random or whether they be not.  I’m conflicted (undecisive?) so here’s a mix.  Some are by nature, some man made, some random and some ordinal and precise.  Whatever your taste, you might find one that you agree is pattern-worthy.

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While strolling through the park one day…

My hub and I were strolling around Smithville in NJ when we heard a little bit of a ruckus coming from the lake that runs through the village.  We ran over to the bridge (as best as I can run) and there we spotted two geese having, what seemed to be to me, a disagreement.

two male geese (I'm guessing)

two male geese (I’m guessing)

Now, for me, the attraction would be the blue ball on the rocks.  I mean, here’s a chance to play with your friends and you’re blowing it to get into a riotous brawl.  Over what?!?  Yup.  You guessed it.  A WOMAN!!

The Attraction!

The Attraction!

Hanging in the back, taking this all in, floated the Big Attraction.  She obviously was the object of both their desires and these guys were going to fight it out.    I’ll admit, she’s pretty cute, but to get all in a huff, feathers getting ruffled, necks being bitten.  Come on, guys.

To the bitter end!

To the bitter end!

But fight they did.  This went on for a little while, with me clicking away, not even once thinking about  taking a video!  Now who’s the dope!  Well, me, of course.   But alas, to the victor goes the spoils.  The fight was over and the loser (to the rear) left the scene, with his head hung low and his spirits even lower.  The winner of the Big Attraction, if you want to call him that, starts after his Lady Fair.

The lovely couple - or not!

The lovely couple – or not!

Now the best shot of all, I MISSED!  Because this girl was having none of it.  Before I could prepare myself for it, she turned and dashed under a nearby building that was set up on pilings in the lake.  In a flash, she was gone.  The male goose sat floating in the water near the corner of the building where Lady Fair had disappeared.  If a goose could have a look of shock :-O this guy would have.

I’m guessing the Big Attraction to Lady Fair was that she WAS the Big Attraction, and that was enough for her.  Hey, ladies.  Ever been there?

This post is in response to Jake’s challenge @ jakesprinters.wordpress.com.  Welcome back, Jake!  You’ve been missed. 🙂  To see more Attractions, click on the icon below.


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Today, while my two young charges were attending reading hour at the Cherry Hill Library, I skulked out onto the floor to capture a few signs hawking books.  What better sign can you find!

Take note of the Elephant and Piggie sign.  If you have small children or grandchildren, go to your local library and pick one or more of these up.  They are hysterical and adorable.  Oh, by Mo Willems (no I didn’t leave out the ‘i” and mistype the “a”.  It really is  Willems.:-). )

And, speaking of my charges, this little guy is wearing a sign as well.

signs bugs

I had to include the cute little pouty lips.

Since we had a torrential downpour this morning, I put my bike ride off til I got home.  I didn’t really overwhelm you with too many fun fotos up top, so I thought I’d take my camera on my ride and point and click in the park.  I was amazed at the number of signs I came across.  These are just some.



This is actually the second stop sign on my route.  I thought the hydrant gave it a little more class. 🙂

stop arrow

stop arrow

Then comes the stop sign warning – telling you that a stop sign is up ahead.  HUH? (if you look way down the road a piece, you’ll see the actual stop sign this sign is referring to.  WHAT?

One Way

One Way

Believe it or not, there was another Do Not Enter sign to the right.  Can you say Overkill?

Slow Down!

Slow Down!

This sign is suppose to register your speed.  I guess I wasnt’ going all that fast.  I’m working on it!



A little retro here.  And there really is a pay phone under this sign.  It’s seen better days, but it works!

Road Closed

Road Closed

Do you think they want you to stay out?

Last sign

Last sign

A few more rules and regs before leaving the park.  And none too soon.  This was a sign that it was time for me to go home!!!!

Rocky Raccoon

Rocky Raccoon

This one’s a little blurry and understandably so.  I was shaking in my boots when I shot this.  I’m a little leery of these guys.  It all started back in 1970, in the San Fransisco Bay area.  But that’s another story for another day.

Please click on the cute little critter below to see other entries @ Ceephotography.comThis guy doesn’t freak me out – as much. 🙂


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