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Cee, @ ceephotography.com has presented yet another challenge. Bridges.  I’m afraid I’ve posted most of my bridges.   So I guess I’m not rising to the occasion  and I need to do more pointing and clicking  and maybe the next time some says “bridges” I’ll be ready.  But for now, here’s what’s left of my bridge crossings.   Maybe less is more.  🙂

Since I don’t have enough bridge shots to fill a thimble, maybe you could stop by Cee’s to get a look at what others have to share.  Thanks.  And thanks for stopping by, browsing, liking, and commenting.  As has been the custom, click on the cute little icon below and you’ll be on your way to Cee’s.




  1. Considering you thought you had posted most of your bridges – you’ve managed to still find a very fine selection, Gemma 🙂

    My favourite is the red one!

  2. You managed to go from majestic to homespun. That’s a good variety of pointing and clicking! I also like the red one. I think it’s the coordinating color of the red shrubs near it. The kids are kinda cute, too!

    • Thanks. The wooden bridges are always the best – well, mostly. I’ve seen some real beauties of the steel (?) kind. Any bridges down there? Maybe ones that giant bugs can cross. 😆

  3. I love the angle and composition of the bridge in South Carolina. Beautiful lines!
    We have a new fancy bridge in Dallas. I saved the best spot to photograph it, but haven’t made it out there. Lovely images (as always!).

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