While strolling through the park one day…

My hub and I were strolling around Smithville in NJ when we heard a little bit of a ruckus coming from the lake that runs through the village.  We ran over to the bridge (as best as I can run) and there we spotted two geese having, what seemed to be to me, a disagreement.

two male geese (I'm guessing)

two male geese (I’m guessing)

Now, for me, the attraction would be the blue ball on the rocks.  I mean, here’s a chance to play with your friends and you’re blowing it to get into a riotous brawl.  Over what?!?  Yup.  You guessed it.  A WOMAN!!

The Attraction!

The Attraction!

Hanging in the back, taking this all in, floated the Big Attraction.  She obviously was the object of both their desires and these guys were going to fight it out.    I’ll admit, she’s pretty cute, but to get all in a huff, feathers getting ruffled, necks being bitten.  Come on, guys.

To the bitter end!

To the bitter end!

But fight they did.  This went on for a little while, with me clicking away, not even once thinking about  taking a video!  Now who’s the dope!  Well, me, of course.   But alas, to the victor goes the spoils.  The fight was over and the loser (to the rear) left the scene, with his head hung low and his spirits even lower.  The winner of the Big Attraction, if you want to call him that, starts after his Lady Fair.

The lovely couple - or not!

The lovely couple – or not!

Now the best shot of all, I MISSED!  Because this girl was having none of it.  Before I could prepare myself for it, she turned and dashed under a nearby building that was set up on pilings in the lake.  In a flash, she was gone.  The male goose sat floating in the water near the corner of the building where Lady Fair had disappeared.  If a goose could have a look of shock :-O this guy would have.

I’m guessing the Big Attraction to Lady Fair was that she WAS the Big Attraction, and that was enough for her.  Hey, ladies.  Ever been there?

This post is in response to Jake’s challenge @ jakesprinters.wordpress.com.  Welcome back, Jake!  You’ve been missed. 🙂  To see more Attractions, click on the icon below.


Thanks for visiting.  I look forward to comments and love your likes. 😉


21 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST – ATTRACTION

  1. Great post! Being the Big Attraction is the MOST fun of anything. That is one smart girl. Nothing wrong with being elusive, mysterious, and a little hard-to-get. Oh, and Cupcake wants to know if they left any poop behind. It’s her favorite snack.

    • As, thanks, IT, but the video would have really got the full effect. If I keep practicing, I might get that effect in a photo or two. 🙂
      But, yes, love is blind. When I look back, I see I’ve also been blind-sided! Ouch!

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