Just when I thought I’d have nothing for WordPress’s challenge this week, I lucked into an adventurous ESCAPE.  No. It’s not the vacation of a lifetime, or a retreat to a fabulous spa.  Those things are quite out of reach for this girl.  But, I think this adventure applies.

Dear sweet mom lives this  apartment building.  013

So you can imagine my trepidation yesterday when I heard the fire alarm blazing in the hallway.  Lights were flashing, sirens were blaring and this girl was freaking out!  Good ol’ mom said it was nothing and refused to take my advice when I told her we needed to leave.  It wasn’t til the neighbor down the hall said he could smell smoke, that she took the evacuation seriously.  Well, semi-seriously.  Walking at a snails pace (which to be honest is her only pace at 90 years of age) she headed for the closet.  I thought she might be disoriented and frightened, but I should have known better.  I followed her into the room, prepared to carry all 102 pounds of her if I had to, when she asked, “Should I wear a sweater?”  Now, I was trying to be patient and understanding, but I was starting to panic.  Raising my voice a bit, I told her we NEEDED TO GO!  She assured me that there was no rush and pulled out a pair of socks and her cute little white sneakers and that’s when I lost it!  I mean really, woman!  We’re not walking the fashion  catwalk!  We’re making our great escape!

Paying me no mind, she slipped on her socks and shoes and took my hand, prepared to lead me to safety.  Slowly, methodically, we walked the stairway to the main level, all the while, me smelling smoke and her assuring me that there’s really no reason to panic.

This is what awaited us when we got to the front door.

Neighbors and friends looked on as the trusty firemen and men in blue braved their way into the building.   I was relieved to be out on the sidewalk.  Mom was telling me what a nice evening it was.  We waited and waited and finally we were told it was safe to go in.  WHAT?  Safe?  That quickly?  People started to file back into the building, and I approached one of the young firemen standing beside Truck No. 16.  “Is it ok to go in?” I asked.  The nice young man told us it was perfectly fine.  Apparently, our great escape was for naught.  We were told that someone had burnt their dinner!!

I still think we did the right thing leaving, but mom was just concerned that we were missing the ball game.

I guess that old saying is true – mom’s know best.  Sorry I didn’t listen, again, mom. 🙂


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  1. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious; but only because it turned out okay. From your mother’;s reaction it seems this is a normal happenstance, but it’s hard to tell because as my BFF and I lamented recently “You just can’t rush them” .

  2. your mother sounds like a very wise and grounded person! i laughed at the ‘burned dinner.’ it could have been from my kitchen – last week i burned the lentils.. not just a little bit but a really really really bad ‘i ruined the pan’ burned lentils!

    i should know by now – do not draw or do art while something is cooking/simmering.

    the strange thing is that i smelled something and wondered what might be burning upriver/downriver/on the farm!

    right brain mode – i might has well have been sleeping!


    • Good grief!!! Sleeping might have made it much worse! I can see getting wrapped up in your designs. I get wrapped up just looking at them.
      That woman is a trip! Thanks for dropping by between brush strikes 🙂

      • ha! before i went to sleep, i scrubbed for about ten minutes on that burned pot! i used a metal spoon (enamel pan) and i think in another few days the history of the burned lentils will be erased!!!


      • ja ja ja ja! we don’t have a dollar store or a walmart or kmart or ==== anything where i can buy a new one. there are thick aluminum pots and pans and skillets, but i don’t think so, not for my food!

        the closest will be in manta, about five hours by bus!!!

        there are some hiccups in regards to living in paradise!

  3. Your Mom is a Gal ! That sense of urgency we get in situations and they just t a k e their time LOL . Glad it was a flash in the pan Gemma 🙂
    … and all safe .Of course .

  4. Glad to know it was a false alarm. Maybe it was partly due to the age difference, with all of her life experiences she know when to panic and when to take her time and see what pans out. I definitely would have been flustered if the FBI left a message on our phone , but then again, maybe not since John was an agent with the bureau for 20 years. 🙂

    • Ha ha! Good play on words. The FBI call is all due to her not hearing well and a security company that leaves messages to scare people. I’m ready to take her phone away! Thanks for the visit guys.

  5. OMG – What a story!! Lilly is hilarious. Personally, I think she should have taken a sweater…. Or maybe a little jacket…. Or maybe changed into a top with long sleeves…. And those pants with the little flowers….. What a character. I wish I was there. I love burned food. And firemen.

  6. I like your storytelling finish: “…Apparently, our great escape was for naught. We were told that someone had burnt their dinner! … mom was just concerned that we were missing the ball game…”

  7. God bless her, and her cotton socks, Gem. Now I know where you get your sense of style.
    My Dad’s a little the same- slowly, slowly catchee monkey. 🙂

  8. Better safe than sorry. i’m glad your and your mom are safe and that it was not a serious fire. I am like you. I will head to the nearest escape with my family. Thrilling post!

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