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Timeout For Art

OK.  I am really stretching it here.  The following is a first attempt at joining mi amiga, Lisa‘s request for taking a shot at “art”.  I put quotes around that because “art” is in the eyes of the beholder, and this might not be your idea of art.

Today after picking up my two little charges, I let them run willy nilly through the school yard.  They sprang into action, flitting through the dandelions and buttercups, pulling up “flowers for mom”.  I spotted this bee, doing just about as much flitting as they were, so I called them over to look.  While they ooooo’d and ahhhhhh’d I snapped this picture.

art 1

And while they were at the skating rink this afternoon, I sat with one eye on them and one eye on my bee. Drawing.   I realize I’m taking a chance here.  Lisa is the Queen of Right Brain, and does some amazing, incredible, brilliant art, but I value her opinion, so I’m doing this!  Here goes nada…

art 2

Travel to the wonderful world of Zeebra Designs and Destinations in Equador and see some real “art”.  I don’t exaggerate when I say Lisa’s blog is a beautiful thing.


38 thoughts on “Timeout For Art

  1. Aah Gemma there will be no stopping you now … lovely .. as well as your little busy bee rifling through the clover, I like the way you have simplified the background to a ‘hint’ with real ‘sketchyness’ maybe not a word but perhaps you know what I mean !

  2. I loved your bee too. I find that I get so distracted with the clutter in the background that I lose the subject. I was interested to see how you kept the focal point so well.

  3. I think your sketch is great. For me, it’s kind of intimidating exposing my art work to the blogging world and the many talented people like Lisa. Yet, it forces me to draw and practice. I like the feeling I get when I sketch…a lot more than the sketch itself, so for me it’s meditative and contemplative. Wonderful job!

  4. hey amiga
    i went back and looked at your photo and drawing.. when pondering how the image really looks, convert it to grayscale.. if you are tired of looking at the drawing, do a horizontal flip or look at it in a mirror.

    your work is strong; the next step would be to darken the background to make the lines ‘around’ the clover disappear/fade into the background..

    great work, and i hope that you continue with your art!


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