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I’m sitting here gazing out the window, waiting for the plumber.  It’s 8:20.  The Phillies are up and – surprise – winning, and the score is 2 – 0. But  I can’t concentrate on the game and I’m starting to think Walt may not show.  I suppose I should not have said it’s not an emergency.  I guess I should not have given him the option that  Thursday or Friday would be fine.  I forgot to value my time.  Duh!  Now I’ve done a bunch of housework- no fun , when I could have been out shopping or riding my bike or doing something other than boring housework –  and still have shut off valves that are stuck.  I guess I learned a lesson.  I guess tomorrow’s another day.

THERE’S STILL NO ONE AT THE DOOR.  It’s 8:30.  Should I give up the ghost?

These are some of my windows.  I don’t get out much – thanks to Walt!   Click here to visit Lingeringvisions and a look at  or through more windows.



    • I shot the flag fifteen times before it sat still! I knew you’d notice it. That makes it worth the time spent. Walt is really a good plumber. I should never have given him such a wide berth. My mistake. Won’t happen again. 😉

  1. With the door, you’ve taken something nice and made it beautiful. It’s so dark inside (an illusion, I know) that there’s no competition for the light shining through the door panels. So you could’ve been riding your bike, but your time wasn’t wasted photographing these windows.

  2. … maybe we’ll get to see Walt arriving another time out of your ‘windows’ Gemma !
    Let’s hope you’re all fixed now .

    • Today’s another day. Maybe today. But I’m getting stuff done around the house, so, it’s only half bad. But I will be less lackadaisical about firming up the appointment next time. Ugh!

  3. love the door window., for a minute there thought you were in Ecuador.. manana = tomorrow or better yet “not now” so you actually aren’t sure when people will show. Have to be very specific on day and time and still it’s a 50 – 50 on whether or not they appear 🙂

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