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I’ve always wanted my own space.   A retreat, I suppose.  A  quiet spot where I could close the door and shut out the sounds of the street.  Somewhere to sit in quiet contemplation.  A no-stress,  peaceful corner – my own little world.  Ailsa’s challenge encouraged me to set the wheels in motion.  A slow, restful motion. .  It’s just a start, but I feel it’s a good one.  Welcome to my peaceful place.  Enter quietly, please.

I think everyone should have just such a place.  Apparently, I’m not the only one in the house that needs a place for peaceful contemplation.

peaceful dog

Rocky, the meditating dog


This challenge is hosted by Ailsa @ wheresmybackpack.


26 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – PEACEFUL

  1. It’s obviously worked Gemma 🙂
    …I’m tip toeing …sssh … very quietly in this peaceful scene …

    • I have looking for the perfect chillin’ partner. The colors in his wood just said peacefully perfect for finishing up that room. It was a long time in the making. I think I had a better night’s sleep because of sitting with him for a long while.

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