When I think curves, I think shapely.  Comes from a time when Monroe and Hayworth were a big part of my generation, I suppose.  Since I’m not surrounded by those types of curves and the days of my curves are waning, I thought I’d go with the more traditional definition of the word.  Although, I think curves can be sexy, even if they’re not part of a shapely torso.  Just ask my friend, Judith, at A View From The Woods. 🙂

This flower curved its petal to protect? comfort? hug? another bud.  So sweet and gentle.

A gentle embrace

A gentle embrace

Some curves, in the true sense of the word…

Yes, it is a humongous heart!  See the couple relaxing on their beach chairs?  That’ll give you a perspective on how big that heart really is.  Someone is soooooooo loved.

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  1. Wonderful pics, Gemma. Love that flower hugging the bud. Yes, the HUGE heart is an amazing expression of someone’s love. Very cute. 🙂 So clever of you to think of the kite surfing curves.

    • The surfing curve was right there in front of me while Jeff and I were walking the water’s edge on Sunday. I got lucky, as I do with most things. 😉
      Thanks for yet another fly by, ad.

  2. Such a nice post Gemma with throwing in a little romance !
    I really love that Sand Scupltured Heart .. me I usually just use a stick 😉
    Your VW Herbie is FUN !

    • I saw Herbie at a antique car show. I wanted to taken him home – like a cute little puppy 😉
      I’m with you. Stick, shells, rocks, whatever’s available and on a smaller scale 😀

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