Everyone, please.  Take your seats.

seating fd panorama

This week, Cee is asking for a selection of seatings.  I stuck close to home today with my collection, except for the last shot, which was taken at a mini-mall in Cape May, NJ.  It just looked like a comfortable place for someone, who’s not into malling, to sit and wait while the true shopper digs in.

Oh, and a special note to my friend Dawn, at Lingeringvisions.  Yes, darlin’, there is wine in them thar drawers :-).

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Yesterday, I rousted my self up bright and early.  I hadn’t been doing that lately, and I was determined to get up and walk to the beach before the noon day sun made its way across the sky.  I’ve been lazy.  Ugh!

The beach has been revamped since the Hurricane Sandy devastation, so it’s been a trek in itself to get from the seawall to the water’s edge, but my feet finally touched down on the ripples by 6:45.  I walked with the sun to my back.  There were a few runners, walkers, fishermen, and dogs.  It had its usual meditative quality.  That’s a good thing and it made for a great morning.

I could feel the sun on my shoulders and hear gulls laughing.  They were laughing at me.  They have seen me there enough times, trying like crazy to get off a picture of one of them that I thought worthy of publishing on my post.  Those birds are fast!

The heat sensation was stronger than their mocking laughter, so I turned to look, ignoring those little hyenas.   Gulls were circling, coasting, dive-bombing.  This time, I wasn’t concerned with getting off a shot of them. 

No matter what your beliefs, no matter how you imagine we got here, no matter how you think this was created, this world, my friends, is a masterpiece.

beach morning

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In keeping with this week’s challenge, here are a few “Which Ways” I’ve come across.  What’s your preference? Which way would you choose? 

By water - outside the Oyster Creek Inn located in Leeds Point, NJ on the Great Bay

By water – outside the Oyster Creek Inn located in Leeds Point, NJ on the Great Bay

Walkway - Cape May-Lewes Ferry. Cape May, NJ

Walkway – Cape May-Lewes Ferry. Cape May, NJ

Exit, stage left...Stone Harbor, NJ

Exit, stage left… Leaving Stone Harbor, NJ 😦

Walkway - Smithville Village, Smithville, NJ

Walkway – Smithville Village, Smithville, NJ

Also Smithville

Also Smithville

Heading into Brigantine, NJ

Heading into Brigantine, NJ

on foot... Brigantine Beach, NJ

on foot… Brigantine Beach, NJ

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Talk about a bit of a “fresh” stretch…

I was made in Italy.  My mom and dad, both born there, brought me over to a U.S. hospital  in one of the more unconventional ways.  They arrived on Ellis Island in July and I was born in Newark, N.J. a few months later.  As you might imagine, they spoke little to no English and I spent my formative years listening to and then speaking in Italian.  This may seem like it has nothing to do with this week’s challenge, so a short explanation is due.

Because of the language and custom differences, I learned some things a bit differently than most American kids.  I (and not due to bad parenting) was allowed to sip vino rosso at the age of four.  I’m not saying I pitched a load, but I got a sip here and there.  This probably attributed to my love of ova, both bianco and rosso.  I, to this day say “gravy” instead of sauce.  I have gravy on my pasta and pizza.  Yum!

Here’s where the challenge comes in.  If I ever had the audacity to disrespect my dad or mom, either in words or actions, I was told not to be cativa.  Later, mom learned another word for cativa.  Fresh!  “Don’t be fresh!”  “That’s fresh!”  “I don’t like when you are fresh!”  That one word has stayed with me for 60 plus years, and today I am still using “fresh” to mean cativa (or cativo if I’m referring to a male.) Enter, my grandson.

The adorable, but feisty three year old came up  from Georgia this month with mom and dad, along with his 10 year old brother and 7 year old sister.  Well, feisty got the best of him and he thought he could haul off and slug nona.  Not gonna happen!  So after a few “don’t be fresh”es, and “that was fresh”, someone landed in a fresh load of time out!



When it was all over, we talked a little.  Mom and dad covered a few rules that should NOT be broken, and the consequences that come with disrespect.   I hinted that I’d put him in Rocky’s cage the next time he was fresh.  Apparently, he thought that was a reward and not a consequence.

Not so FRESH!  Just cute.

Not so FRESH! Just cute.

He put himself in the cage and gave me a great big smile.  I think he misunderstood “fresh” and “consequences”.  I’ll have to try again.  Maybe in another language.

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This woman is not a world traveler – or much of a traveler at that.  (not ’cause I don’t want to. Just cause it’s not in the cards at present) So pix of windows are a tough row to hoe for me.  But having a place at the Jersey Shore lends itself to a few more choices than when we’re at home.  I do, I believe, owe an apology to my dear blog-buddy, Dawn.  She’s the host of this (true) challenge, and I’ve tried to keep up, but it’s just not happening. That said…

Dear Dawn,

Sorry I missed a few “Window Weeks”.  I have been enjoying the view from the windows you and others have posted, but alas, I’ve been amiss. (is that a word?) But, now,  I am back – YAY! Right?  Whatever, girlfriend.  Here is my entry.

If you haven’t been to the Jersey Shore, do try to put it on your to-do list.  As they say in Atlantic City, DO AC.  There’s also OC, and Brigantine, and Wildwood, and Stone Harbor, and Cape May.  There are zoos and beaches and casinos and rides and so, so many restaurants.  I’m sure you heard, We’re Stronger Than The Storm, and things have been improving tremendously after the Hurricane Sandy devastation, so do DO NJ.  (and no, this is not a public service announcement from our illustrious governor.) 🙂

Visit Dawn’s blog @ lingeringvisions.wordpress.com .  She’s not hawking Jersey.  She’s just got some cool pix to share.



I’m the member of a new club.  One that makes me a little uncomfortable because I need to share with strangers. Some of you are not really strangers, but, still.  You don’t know all that much about me and it’s a little bit scary this sharing business.  Cee @ ceephotography.com extends the invitation for all to share with this unique challenge, and I’ve been resisting – FOR 22 WEEKS! – but I’ve finally decided to lighten up and give it a try.  It’s like a little questionnaire.  I can do this.

First question:

Are you mostly a clean or messy person?

Mostly messy.

That was easy.

Question # 2:

As a kid was there any kind of candy that you didn’t like to get?  How about now?

No!  Candy was a special treat for my sister and I.  We were not well off and that was a once-in-an-every-so-often delight, so we didn’t turn our noses up to any candy, if the chance presented itself.  Now, I’m doing a little better and I have my choice of delights.  Skittles is NOT one of them. YUCK!


Question numero 3:

Do you believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets?

I feel, like Cee, that there must be something, someone, somewhere out there.  They’re just too smart to get involved with us – until we find a better way to treat each other.  How do you think we’d treat extraterrestrials if we crossed their paths?  I shutter to think!  Besides, after seeing this, I’m pretty sure aliens do exist.



And finally:

Have your blogging goals changed?

My blog, First and Fabulous, started out as a first grade blog idea.  That never got off the ground.  Then I found photography, and the rest is history.  I still feel like First and Fabulous suits me. (or is that wishful thinking?) In any event, yes my goals have changed.  I’m more about writing, learning photography, and sharing a few laughs.

Now.  That wasn’t so hard.  I might do this again. 🙂

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I don’t know how she does it, but Cee has thrown out yet another gaunlet – Which Way.  If your at a loss for roads to travel, bridges to cross, or paths to take, Cee has them waiting for you on her site.  Here a just a few “Which Ways” I’ve taken or observed.

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For Jeff and I, there is nothing better than being at the beach.  A walk along the water’s edge last night and this is what we saw.  Now.  Do you get where we’re coming from?

Brigantine Beach, NJ Stronger than the Storm

Brigantine Beach, NJ
Stronger than the Storm

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We didn’t get hammered by snow this winter like we’ve had in years past.  Sadly however, much of the east coast is getting pummeled by rain and high winds.  I guess we’re lucky that we didn’t get both, but whoa!  I am waterlogged!  Here’s a peek into this winter’s smidge of snow.  Even a little snow can be enchanting.

If you feel so inclined, zoom in on the trees and find the deer.  I didn’t know they were there until after I took the photo.  If you’ve never been to Valley Forge in the winter, you’re missing something beautiful.  And if you haven’t been to Cee’s blog site, you also don’t know what you’re missin’.  Click the icon to see more of winter and Cee’s fabulous fotos.