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I’m the member of a new club.  One that makes me a little uncomfortable because I need to share with strangers. Some of you are not really strangers, but, still.  You don’t know all that much about me and it’s a little bit scary this sharing business.  Cee @ ceephotography.com extends the invitation for all to share with this unique challenge, and I’ve been resisting – FOR 22 WEEKS! – but I’ve finally decided to lighten up and give it a try.  It’s like a little questionnaire.  I can do this.

First question:

Are you mostly a clean or messy person?

Mostly messy.

That was easy.

Question # 2:

As a kid was there any kind of candy that you didn’t like to get?  How about now?

No!  Candy was a special treat for my sister and I.  We were not well off and that was a once-in-an-every-so-often delight, so we didn’t turn our noses up to any candy, if the chance presented itself.  Now, I’m doing a little better and I have my choice of delights.  Skittles is NOT one of them. YUCK!


Question numero 3:

Do you believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets?

I feel, like Cee, that there must be something, someone, somewhere out there.  They’re just too smart to get involved with us – until we find a better way to treat each other.  How do you think we’d treat extraterrestrials if we crossed their paths?  I shutter to think!  Besides, after seeing this, I’m pretty sure aliens do exist.



And finally:

Have your blogging goals changed?

My blog, First and Fabulous, started out as a first grade blog idea.  That never got off the ground.  Then I found photography, and the rest is history.  I still feel like First and Fabulous suits me. (or is that wishful thinking?) In any event, yes my goals have changed.  I’m more about writing, learning photography, and sharing a few laughs.

Now.  That wasn’t so hard.  I might do this again. 🙂

Click the icon and join Cee, me, and lots of others.  Share if you dare.  Or just  ‘comment’ and ‘like’, if you like.



34 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR WORLD – 2013 WEEK 23

  1. Well done Gemma getting over the hurdle, not easy … I know exactly what you mean .
    So if it’s NOT Skittles …. 😉

  2. I sometimes fret over sharing. And since my blog has this “tech” theme, I’m guessing that most people signed up for that, and don’t want to hear about me….. But just as your blog morphed, I have to remember that change is good!!! 🙂

    • I get what you’re saying about what people signed up for. But changing it up a little could be a good thing as long as you don’t move to far from your blog intention. That would be sad. You have great tips and share wonderful info.

  3. You are first and fabulous in my book!!! I’m feel honored that you had the guts to try this out. I enjoyed reading your answers. By the way I don’t like Skittles either.

  4. John Loves skittles and I have no idea why, for me it Must have chocolate 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Questions weren’t too bad, me too, messy that is, yes on life on other planets (we have seen UFOs) and our goal in blogging will stay the same: sharing our life with family and friends. 🙂

  5. I love that you are messy !! And BTW…loving the ‘after’ shot
    Oh…ummm…I think there might be a typo in here

    “How do you think we’d treat extraterrestrials if we crossed their paths? I shutter to think!”
    Or is ‘shutter’ a pun ?

    Could be that I am just trying to prove I do read…

  6. It’s a joy to see your world and your dreams through your words and images. Just like you, I believe there are other beings besides us humans. I hope they are friendly like in E.T.

  7. GAH! Where have I been? This must’ve gone to spam. Thank goodness I wandered over and found it. I love this sharing thing. And no – first and fabulous is not wishful thinking. It is perfect.

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