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This woman is not a world traveler – or much of a traveler at that.  (not ’cause I don’t want to. Just cause it’s not in the cards at present) So pix of windows are a tough row to hoe for me.  But having a place at the Jersey Shore lends itself to a few more choices than when we’re at home.  I do, I believe, owe an apology to my dear blog-buddy, Dawn.  She’s the host of this (true) challenge, and I’ve tried to keep up, but it’s just not happening. That said…

Dear Dawn,

Sorry I missed a few “Window Weeks”.  I have been enjoying the view from the windows you and others have posted, but alas, I’ve been amiss. (is that a word?) But, now,  I am back – YAY! Right?  Whatever, girlfriend.  Here is my entry.

If you haven’t been to the Jersey Shore, do try to put it on your to-do list.  As they say in Atlantic City, DO AC.  There’s also OC, and Brigantine, and Wildwood, and Stone Harbor, and Cape May.  There are zoos and beaches and casinos and rides and so, so many restaurants.  I’m sure you heard, We’re Stronger Than The Storm, and things have been improving tremendously after the Hurricane Sandy devastation, so do DO NJ.  (and no, this is not a public service announcement from our illustrious governor.) 🙂

Visit Dawn’s blog @ lingeringvisions.wordpress.com .  She’s not hawking Jersey.  She’s just got some cool pix to share.



  1. OMG … I spent every summer at the Jersey shore … Sea Isle City/Townsend Inlet when I was a kid, Wildwood (which we also called Childwood or Wildweird) and Long Beach Island/Ship Bottom when I was in college!!! Many, many, many fun, happy memories of the Jersey shore. Sadly, I have not been since moving to California 23 years ago. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    • 100F. OMG! I’d be melted on the pavement @ C! LOL
      The shop with the blue trim and shells? So cute. I got the prettiest little tan dress and scarf with little sparkly beads on it. Now I need somewhere to wear it. 😉

    • Don’t rush! It is too hot right now. LOL. I tried to click on your URL but it wouldn’t let me in so I don’t know where you are but I hope you’re keeping cool. Thanks for the visit. 🙂

    • Thanks, John. (If I may call you that.) We had a fabulous day and lunch at the Ugly Mug was yummy. If the Victorian serves lunch, we will try that next time. (I’ll peruse your site more when I’m done with my WordPress duties. ;-). We are in Brigantine for the summer mostly and like to take day (food!) trips. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

  2. Lots of great windows down your way, guess you all love the view!
    Did you see the interesting long article about the Jersey Shore in this week’s New Yorker? I’m sure you’d have some strong opinions about it.

    • No. But I’ll see if I can get my hands on a copy. But I try to keep (most) opinions to myself. When I was young(er) I was told if I kept mouth shut I’d be a lot prettier. I never forgot that man (family friend – friend?) I ain’t changed much, but I still remember and it still stings. Tough habit to break for the gregarious soul. 😦

      • Let me share with you, girlfriend. I’m older than you, so was even more exposed to male chauvinist porkers like the one you’re talking about. I bought it for far too many decades, but boy — the eyes are open now! You shouldn’t have to break the habit, that family friend (?) should break his mouth.
        You go, girl! You’re plenty pretty the way you are.

  3. Great pics my friend and a lovely post. I’m honored anytime you can join us and honored to be your blog buddy ❤
    When I was a kid we went to the Jersey Shore a few times, Ocean City mostly. The last time was the summer Diamond Girl by Seals and Crofts came out. My parents were about to divorce and the tension laid thick in the air. I don't remember much, I spent all my time at the motel pool where they played Diamond Girl twice an hour.
    ..sorry, I don't know where that came from! Don't you just love all this sharing? lol

    • Pretty much the same thing happened to me in Long Branch, so I’m a good ‘ear’ to hang that hat on. I don’t remember any songs that played, though. I have a horrible memory. But pick a song that was popular in 1967 and it might have been riding the airwaves in duplicate or triplicate. I’m always willing to listen when you want to share. I hope I’ll be back with more. (Named after your ex! LOL!!!!)

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