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Everyone, please.  Take your seats.

seating fd panorama

This week, Cee is asking for a selection of seatings.  I stuck close to home today with my collection, except for the last shot, which was taken at a mini-mall in Cape May, NJ.  It just looked like a comfortable place for someone, who’s not into malling, to sit and wait while the true shopper digs in.

Oh, and a special note to my friend Dawn, at Lingeringvisions.  Yes, darlin’, there is wine in them thar drawers :-).

Welcome to my humble home…

A quick click on the icon below will get you to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.  There’s extra seating there.


Thanks for stopping by.  It’s always good seeing you.



  1. Well, Gem, your place is beautiful, far more so than our’s! Nice pics! The top one is a lovely homescape, with the wonderful blues of those seats and a perfect crop – and you’ve been making out your are a photographic novice!

    Maybe my favourite is the one with the glasses of wine – they take me into the shot as does that beautiful red of the seat – and then in the background the walls seem to have taken on a purplish hue and there are the plant silhouettes – good stuff! Adrian

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