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LIFE’S A BEACH…beach panorama

If you’re anything like me, walking the beach and watching the waves curl up and head for shore is as mesmerizing as watching a campfire burn.  It’s difficult to take your eyes off the ocean, the horizon, the clouds.  It’s hypnotic.

This week, Jeff and I strolled the sands, kicking at the water and looking for photo opportunities.  We’d been walking for quite some time when we heard a bit of a ruckus that caused us to turn away from the ocean blue.  This shot is not a masterpiece, but it definitely qualifies for Ailsa’s theme this week – WILD!

Foxes - on the beach!

Foxes – on the beach!

This was as close as I could get.  I would have approached them, I swear!  But those little critters were on a mission.  They covered more ground than this girl ever could.  We went back the next night, but they were no where to be found.  Maybe this isn’t unusual to you, but I thought it was pretty WILD!

Click here.  Come on!  Go wild!


35 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – WILD

  1. I agree – watching waves roll in is mesmerizing. Meditative. But foxes are probably a meditation killer; do they attack humans? Or just chickens?

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  3. Hi Gem! I think you call this the Red Fox – maybe its the same one we have here. Bristol is known for its urban fox population, though diseases have taken a great toll. I used to feed a female dog biscuits in my garden – I’d put the biscuits on the lawn when I saw her arrive, then retreat 10 feet or so, and talk to her while she ate them. Later, she brought her cubs into the garden too.

    The picture under the “Life’s a Beach” heading is stunning – and I like the letterbox format very much! Adrian

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