Next stop, Sonel’s Corner and a new challenge – for me.  Black and White photos.   I think B&W is tricky.  Some things work with it and some don’t.  I’m going to take a shot at it and see where it leads me.  Worst that could happen, people will not agree with my choices.  Best that could happen, I might learn something.  (And THAT’S a good thing!).

I hope Sonel doesn’t mind me joining in.  She seems really nice, so I’m thinking she will welcome me with open arms.  OK maybe not open arms, but I don’t think she’ll shut the proverbial door in my face.

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The title of this post is a little deceiving.  Share Your World is a challenge that is hosted by Cee @  She has actually hosted 26 of these.  What’s deceiving is that I have only shared once.  This being my second attempt to share, I guess I should have used the title Share Your World – 2013 Week 26 – But Only Week 2 For Me.  But, I won’t.

Here goes Share numero 2:

Are you left or right handed?

Unlike one of my ex-students…

Ambidextrous !

Ambidextrous !

I am right handed and pretty much useless with my left.

Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say?

I hate Hate HATE making phone calls. That coupled with too many insecurities to mention, I practice Practice PRACTICE before making a call.  (P.S. This doesn’t always work out for the best.)

Crunchy Peanut Butter or Smooth Peanut butter?   Anything with your peanut butter?

Smooth and I just like to eat it with a spoon!  Is that wrong? 🙂

How many rings before you answer the phone?

I don’t answer the phone.  It goes to the recorder and I call back – if I have to.  Cell phone?  Different story.  You can see who’s calling and make a judgement call.

There.  Now you know just a little more about me.  YAY! Right?

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