What’s more carefree than a child of three…

carefree at three

I don’t even remember “three” but I’m sure I didn’t have a care in the world then either.

Or even at five…


Do you recall the last time you had that “free as a bird”, “not a care in the world”, “it just doesn’t matter” feeling?  I hope, just for a few moments at least, these darling’s gave you that feeling again.

carefree 2

Thanks to Sheri Bigelow at WP for the magical challenge.

Visit WordPress by clicking on the icon below.  Get a few more seconds of carefree.  Breathe…



  1. Great shots – definitely carefree. I’d be all, “GAH! Was that a bee?” and “It’s so hot, the grass is sticking to my legs.” and “Ugh. This backpack is too heavy.” I’m more likely to be carefree indoors…..

  2. These photos are beautiful! I do remember being carefree enough to sit in a flowery meadow without worrying about dirt and bugs. I know I would certainly have to go that far back in my life to find a carefree time. Life is too full of cares.

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  4. My favourite’s the top photo, Gem, it has a real sense of childhood discovery and wonder about it.

    I can remember being 4 – I can recall actually saying to myself, “I am 4” – I can recall the room I said it in too, the whole thing. Isn’t it strange how something like that has stuck?

    But, more than that, I can recall lying on my back and seeing masses of blurry pink out ahead of me, and its possible that this memory is from when I was a baby, lying in my pram, and seeing the neighbours’ flowering cherry trees. A

    • Lucky that you can remember those times. Pram. I like that. ;-). Thanks for taking time to comment, Adrian.
      (Ask me what I had for dinner last night. I’ll make something up because I DON’T REMEMBER!) slight exaggeration – slight…

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