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OK.  He’s not as big as a mountain, or as vast as the sky.  And Ailsa has two most beautiful photos of those right here on her blog.  Yes.  Click.  Right here!  But I think he’s a moth and if he is HE’S BIG!  (If he’s a butterfly, not so big, but I’m hoping someone knows the answer to that.)

Jeff and I went to one of our favorite breakfast spots (The Black Horse Diner), and there we found this big guy, with BIG ideas.  I mean, honestly.  Is he really going to read that whole newspaper all by himself?

I think someone out there knows what this is.  Maybe Jen, or Judith?  Maybe Russel?  Allan, Adrian? Gen?  (I would have linked back to your posts but I didn’t know if you wanted all the attention.  Let me know, and of course I will next time.)   🙂


EXTRA! EXTRA!  Read all about it!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

Intellectual Insect?

Intellectual Insect?

Click to get to Ailsa’s blog – wheresmybackpack – and enjoy the view.



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