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A very dear friend of mine took me on an interesting jaunt.  Since we only met about 8 years ago when we were teaching at the same school,  I’ve seen little of her past.  She took me to her high school and to where she first taught.  I saw where family members call home and then – YAY – she brought me to a quaint shopping center in the middle of a lovely town in PA.   Sadly, with all that driving around, we let the day get away from us, and the shops were about to close.  We hurriedly purchased a few items, stopped in an ice cream shop and bought a frozen hot chocolate – yes an oxymoron, but that’s what they called it – and then off we went.

Now we are an unlikely pair, her being 39 and me going on 62, but a friendship we formed, and it is one I cherish.  Knowing that I love to blog and take a picture or two, she surprised me with a visit to the inn where she and her husband were married.

I give you the windows at Bridgetown Mill House.

I hope you enjoy these because I sure did!

Of course, the wedding was not held at this beautiful old, but crumbling building.  The festivities were held at the venue below.  But I was just beside myself when I saw the greenery mingling with the bricks, and the windows being overwhelmed by the trees.

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  1. What a very precious place your friend took you to. I don’t think you make an unlikely pair at all. I have a very dear friend, who I have been friends with for almost 30 years, and she will be 90 next March 🙂

  2. We have a love of old buidlings in common. I could spend hours taking photos of these sorts of places. Your captures are really lovely.

  3. Great shots Gemma. I love old buildings. They have so much character. Thanks for the tour hon. I truly enjoyed. 😀 *hugs*

  4. How wonderful they have kept this as it is Gemma complete with peeling paint shutters half hanging off 😉 Looks a beautiful intimate setting for a wedding . Lovely .

  5. Your blog is a good read, Gem, I enjoy it. And you cherish that friendship – age difference is nothing to such things – a friend is a friend! Good pictures of the ruin – especially like the left hand one in the second row, the window + wall.

    And also the middle one in the 3rd row – the great, shadowed wall of the ruin with its lit windows – devil’s advocate 😉 >>> how does it look with the flat top of the ruin as the picture’s top margin, and all of the sunlit side of the ruin cropped off the left side of the image??? Adrian

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