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Some people – kids in particular but not always – play.  Well, there is play, and there is PLAY!

My little friend is very serious about his building blocks.  So much so that he has named every piece and, along with his brother, builds by calling for the proper building block, while his brother hunts and pecks and delivers.  In the end, a fabulous structure, which is usually referred to as a hotel. 🙂   These two don’t fool around when they PLAY!

The Hotel Barclay

The Hotel Barclay

And, in the end, when the building is completed, we wave goodbye and drift on to the next excellent PLAY adventure.



Well.  We may need a little more practice with this one!

I hope you had fun!  Visit Ailsa’s blog by clicking here and see more people at play.


35 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – PLAY

    • They are all about me taking pix. And then comes the “let me see” as soon as the photo is taken. It took a while to get through the naming of the blocks, since he had to see each one after it was taken. 😀

  1. Hi Gem, love this! I particularly like “WOTH” and “OOTHA”, and the waving goodbye photo too. You’re lucky to be able to photograph youngsters like this. Hope you’re well! Adrian

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