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I went out looking for a computer last week.  This was NOT the one I purchased, but  the computer techi-guy that runs this place has an unusual POV when it comes to equipment.  This piece of psychedelic funk was sitting in the window.  I clicked and moved on, but not without a smile on my face. 

Actually, I’m not sure it’s a computer, but I’m sure there are not too many electronic bits of equipment like it.  Interesting POV or quirky kind of guy?


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  1. There’s a lot of these kinds out there. It’s just a see-through casing, no different from a normal metallic version. I don’t see a graphic and sound card to it unless it’s just using an onboard one. Other than that, pretty sufficient with the motherboard, cpu, ram, power supple and 2 fans. Will need hdd too. XD

  2. That is different! It definitely is a computer; the CPU tower. It doesnt seem to have CD drives or USB ports installed but it is impressive. I’ve never seen a transparent one before.

  3. there are transparent clocks and electric guitars too – what could we learn from that? me nothing. but I did understand a transparent water pistol, my possession, when I was aged 7. then the engineering inventions exploded and I couldn’t follow no more …

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  5. Love the POV of your new header! Really neat —
    The computer gizmo is funny and attractive.
    Reminds me of Rube Goldberg — do you remember him? Does anyone out there remember him, other than us antiques?
    He designed and drew these seriously weird contraptions that were hilarious.

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