There’s a super park in Cherry Hill, NJ where I bring my little ‘charges‘.  It’s a quick stroll down the road a piece and makes for some pretty fun photo opportunities.  Apparently, the community has set up a garden in Barclay Farmstead.  I see people every so often, tending to their own little corner of their gardening world – straw hats on heads, tiny spades in hand.   This is the first year I’ve had the chance to see the flowers and veggies in full bloom.  Some are cared for more diligently than others, but it’s a fabulous site to see, nonetheless.  Last week I spotted, hidden among the flowers, the last of this seasons plump, juicy Jersey tomatoes.  I walked the perimeter to see if there was a way to get a closer look but, for good reason I suppose, there was a gate, and it was locked.  More than anything else that I could see, there were lots and lots of flowers.

Approaching the garden

Approaching the garden

Walk on…

Getting closer to those ripe tomatoes!

Getting closer to those ripe tomatoes!

I can’t get in!  But it appears that this guy, hidden in the flora and vegetation, did…

Hidden in the garden

Hidden in the garden

And now, he can’t get out!

Hidden in plain sight

Hidden in plain sight

His body language screams frustration!  I hope he at least gets to taste some of those rosy tomatoes.  Jersey has the best!

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map of the woods

Last week was my first back to my ‘job’.  I am the caregiver for two bright, adorable, charming, rascals five days a week.  Since school hadn’t started yet, and since the weather is holding out – for now – we made a unanimous decision to walk to the park – so we could walk the park.  I can’t resist letting you in on a snippet of our conversation.  If this doesn’t make you smile, then I don’t know what will.  It went something like this…

Me:  Stop at the corner and wait for me, please.

Brother #1:  We need to stop, look, and listen.

Me:  Exactly.

Brother #1:  We need to not touch the wires (electrical wires that, in some cases, are brought down to the lawns and bolted in somehow – why on the ground I don’t know.)

Me:  You are absolutely right!  Why do you think that is?

Brother #1:  Momma says it’s because you’ll get dead.

Me: (smiling) And we wouldn’t want to get dead, would we?

Younger Brother: And because they are full of ‘lectrical kermits!

OK.  Do I have a great job or what?


Decisions.  Which way?  They went right.  I went left.

Decisions. Which way? They went right. I went left.

We are getting near the end of the path.  We talked about getting lost and what we would do if that happened.  Brother #1 was  not concerned.  Younger brother had found a very long stick.  Apparently, and according to Brother #1, it was a GPS stick.

The GPS Stick will guide us safely through the woods.  Step back, Garmin!

The GPS Stick will guide us safely through the woods. Step back, Garmin!

It got us around and through and over and back.  We had the best time walking the woods in the park.  I hope you enjoyed a little of my day.  I know I do.  Every day!  How lucky am I? 🙂

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