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There’s a super park in Cherry Hill, NJ where I bring my little ‘charges‘.  It’s a quick stroll down the road a piece and makes for some pretty fun photo opportunities.  Apparently, the community has set up a garden in Barclay Farmstead.  I see people every so often, tending to their own little corner of their gardening world – straw hats on heads, tiny spades in hand.   This is the first year I’ve had the chance to see the flowers and veggies in full bloom.  Some are cared for more diligently than others, but it’s a fabulous site to see, nonetheless.  Last week I spotted, hidden among the flowers, the last of this seasons plump, juicy Jersey tomatoes.  I walked the perimeter to see if there was a way to get a closer look but, for good reason I suppose, there was a gate, and it was locked.  More than anything else that I could see, there were lots and lots of flowers.

Approaching the garden

Approaching the garden

Walk on…

Getting closer to those ripe tomatoes!

Getting closer to those ripe tomatoes!

I can’t get in!  But it appears that this guy, hidden in the flora and vegetation, did…

Hidden in the garden

Hidden in the garden

And now, he can’t get out!

Hidden in plain sight

Hidden in plain sight

His body language screams frustration!  I hope he at least gets to taste some of those rosy tomatoes.  Jersey has the best!

Click to get to Ailsa‘s ‘hidden’ challenge at where’s my backpack. 🙂


30 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – HIDDEN

  1. He’s wearing a dress… Cross-dressing scarecrow? Anyway, looks like he/she scares birds away from those flowers and tomatoes. (It must be early hours of the morning where you are – it’s lunchtime here in eastern Australia.)

  2. Reminds me of our allotments- individual plots for growing fruit or veg for people who don’t have a garden (or are just greedy 🙂 ) I love the smells!
    Forgot to say that I like that new header very much 🙂

  3. Well spotted for the theme Gemma .
    Nice to be able to grow either . I bet someone has a lovely vase of flowers all year round .
    Lol the scarecrow I rather fancy one of those in my garden for some reason .. appeals to my imagination. .

  4. Thanks for the stroll through the garden! You cannot beat fresh vine ripened tomatoes! We are fortunate to have fresh tomatoes here at the market all year round – strait from the farm.

    I grew up in New Jersey and I remember that fresh New Jersey corn was unbelievably good! Enjoy Autumn.

    • Thanks. It’s getting a bit cooler here today. I guess I’ll be getting out the rake! What part of Jersey? I’ve lived outside of Newark, down near Salem, and now right outside of Philly. Anywhere near any of those?

      • I lived in a small town called Lake Nelson near New Brunswick. My family moved over to Long Island when I was in fourth or fifth grade, but most of my relatives lived in Jersey until they retired and moved down to Florida. My Mom and Dad were both born in Jersey (in or around Elizabeth) and I still have cousins that live there. One lives down near Philly in a town called, Medford Lakes.

        I like Jersey, but here we think it is cold at night when it gets down to 70 degrees. No more snow for this old boy!

      • A lot of connections: relative in Patchogue, Long Island. Lived in Belleville/Nutley right outside of Newark, brother-in-law lived in Medford Lakes. It’s a small world after all… 😆

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  6. Nice pictures, Gem – greenness, lushness. I’d be tempted to crop out the sky and maybe the trees in the top two, to concentrate on the more interesting and beautiful colours and shapes nearer at hand. This’ll also help out the difficulty you have in balancing the darker foreground with the lighter background – tho you could do this with software.

    I really like the “Hidden in the garden” photo – its more tightly framed, with interesting and colourful (sorry, ATP, colorful …) forms and shapes right up there in front and in our faces – and then the fascinating scarecrow placed just right, in full view further back. Here the line of trees forms a good, darkish and fairly neutral “end” to the photo, which concentrates our attention downwards onto the more interesting things below. Good stuff, lady!!! 🙂

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