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Time to share.  I love this challenge!  Visit Cee’s blog and see more of what people have to share, but before you do that…

Here’s this week’s list of questions.

Do you push the elevator button more than once and do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?

I push multiple times.  Especially if the door doesn’t close.  Now if I was smart, I’d press the Close Door button. Hellllllllllloooo!!!

If you had the choice between an RV, a sports car, truck, SUV, or a bicycle, which would you choose and why?

I’ve had a number of vehicles.  Once I leased a Mercedes.  It was gorgeous and fun, but I felt silly in it so when the lease was up, I traded it in and bought a VW bug.  That’s more me.  I missed my chance when I had the Mercedes, though.  I’ve always wanted a Porsche.  Even if just to test drive.  I think I would have been taken more seriously at the Porsche dealer if I drove in with the Mercedes and requested a test drive than if I drove in with my 10 year old Volkswagen and asked for one.  This is my vehicle now. It was necessary to go “new”.  The 10 year old is in that big car graveyard in the sky.  (This one’s for Frizz.  I told him I would get it into a post.) 🙂

Anyway, my answer is Porsche. Phew!


If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?

I don’t know.  I like my name.  Without taking too much time to think, maybe Bella.

Is it more important to love or be loved?

Hmmmmmm.  If I had to choose one, it would be to love. If I had to chose.  What does John Cougar Mellencamp say, “hurts so good”.

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37 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR WORLD – 2013 WEEK 31

    • Thanks, Sylvia. I like my car and my name. ( I don’t think liking one’s name is conceit since we don’t choose them. They’re given to us) So I don’t feel silly saying that. Elevators. Not thrilled with them, but my hips ain’t what they use to be. Steps are only for no other option. 😉

  1. Remember when we were teenagers you changed your name to Tracy? And I changed mine to Jennifer? I think we both just wanted something mainstream. Little did we know that mainstream wasnt the best place to be after all. Thank goodness we grew into our names over the years.

  2. Great post…elevator buttons, with others on, only once, by myself, I smack it numerous times. Over the years I’ve had them all and currently the bike is my ride so I’m going out of the box and say scooter or quad 🙂 Love your name and I’m ok with mine and can’t think of any other I’d rather have. To love or be loved, I’m choosing KNOWING that you’re loved 🙂
    Glad to see your Eagles won , Have a great week Tracy..lolol

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  5. 1. No. Only once.

    2. The bike. I used to do long distance street cycling tours. The best.

    3. I wouldn’t change my name either. I quite proud of it. In my family, personal names are very important. Mum took great care in naming her children. I can’t even imagine a circumstance in which I could be forced to change my name.

    4. To love. I was raised with that actual principle, and continue to live by it. That’s why I love my wife so dearly. She’s one of a very small group of people who have actually returned a tremendous amount of love to me.

  6. Yeah, I love these questions posts too – a very novel and interesting idea. OK, here goes.

    Never use elevators, we’re still stuck with lifts – and the button always gets just one press – but, for exercise, as I’m a FATman, I usually use the stairs.

    Very swish car you have, Gem – and its polished and clean – so different … OK, RV I know, but SUV is beyond me. Well certainly not a bike, I’m no masochist! If I had the money, I’d most probably get a Land Rover or Range Rover – no idea where they fit into your categories though.

    The name, yes, not an easy one – maybe Sam, due to emotional and family attachments.

    Oh, certainly, to love – its no good at all being loved by even the whole world if you lack the capacity to feel love for others! A 🙂

    • All good answers. I love it when you play along. This challenge is such fun and it’s always interesting to hear what others have to say about themselves. I’m either “I figured that” or “Really? I’d never have guessed.” Fascinating.

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