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It would be wise to take a tip from our animal friends.  These critters  know how to relax.

Our neighbor’s cat comes to our door every so often.  We don’t feed him because her people say he’s covered in that area, so we respect that.  Apparently, Tripper doesn’t really care if you feed him or not.  Unconditional love.  🙂  He visits anyway.




He must find it very relaxing here.  In return, he gives me a chance for a little time out for myself.  We rest together on the deck.  I talk.  He listens.  Very relaxing.   I’m following his lead.

Our cat, Phoenix, seems to have a similar take on what’s important and what can wait.  She is THE MOST relaxed cat I know.  CATTITUDE!


She’s a fast learner or it’s just a cat thing.  (It’s the latter, I do believe.)

Not to digress, but I will.  Yesterday, after seeing Ailsa’s challenge, we went to dinner and this is what greeted us at the door.  I had to include it, just in the off chance, as corny as it is, that it makes you smile.  (one of my goals)

relaxing 1

Look closer

relaxing 2

UGH! I told you it was corny!

And of course, there’s our old pal, Rocky.  He and Phoenix are best buds, and I think he’s taking a few tips himself.

Now this dog’s perfected relaxing!

Relaxation at it's finest!

Relaxation at it’s finest!

We don’t tell him to go in there, he just does!

Have a relaxing weekend  –  and then some.  While you’re chillin’, stop off at Ailsa‘s blog for more on the art of Relaxation.


29 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – RELAXING

  1. Thank goodness Rocky got some play in the Relaxing theme. We doggies have a certain panache for relaxation – crate, floor, dog bed, human bed, grass, dirt, car, street nap, you name it, we’re on board. Zzzzz….

    Love and licks and snoring and drool,

  2. Oh dear me………that joke! I still chuckled though 🙂 I don’t think that cats need any lessons on how to relax. We could certainly learn a thing or two from them, Love Rocky’s laid back look. My son just got a puppy and was telling us on the phone, about putting it in the crate. I hadn’t the foggiest idea what he meant, but didn’t like to show my ignorance. 😳 Now, thanks to you, all is revealed.

  3. How lovely to have a visiting cat who is that relaxed to have paw tickle Gemma !
    Rocky has perfected the upside – downsy pose legs in the air look I see … quite familiar in our house too 😉

  4. Now that was quite a relaxing post Gemma. Great furry kids you have there and the visitor is just as adorable! Love that sign..hehehe. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *big hugs*

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