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This is something I don’t often do – take photos of strangers. I’m always afraid someone’s going to say “Hey!  You with the camera!  What in tarnation are you doing?”  But then, when’s the last time you heard someone say “tarnation”  I don’t even know if I spelled it right! So without any more hesitation or trepidation,  I went out to gather a few photos for  Cee’s challenge. (and added a few of my family)


Another tough day!

Click, as always, to get to Cee’s.  Yup.  Right there.  On that little yellow critters face.





  1. Tarnation! (Can’t say that with an Australian accent…). I loved the child at the police car! And the two with the African-American woman (is that the right description?). She’s got character, especially the way she looks at the other people. I can almost hear her talking. And I loved the shot of the boy on the rock wall.

    • When your taking a shot of a police car you kind of have to be – ah – sneaky. I think it must have been grand dad. If I could have lingered a little longer for more shots, you would have seen other small children hugging Officer Krumpy. 😉
      I wasn’t sticking around for the family reunion. Did what I could. 😀

  2. I thought the police car picture looked a little pervy, so I’m hoping it’s family!! I love the cart full of mums. If only my impatiens would DIE ALREADY, I’d get a few mums myself… I also love the picture of your “boy” sleeping in the car. That is some serious sleeping. The real deal! Awesome candid collection.

  3. è così bello curiosare…tu sai farlo molto bene


    è così bello curiosare…tu sai farlo molto bene

    è così bello curiosare…tu sai farlo molto bene

    It is so nice to browse … you know it very well

  4. It’s a tricky one isn’t it Gemma .. I should hate to be snapped willy nilly but there again I’ve been guilty of a little indiscriminate snapping myself …
    But these are super set of ‘candid’ photos .. daydream believer all panned out caught my eye and fearless oh and the last jaw dropping nap … 😉

  5. I’m not much use at candids – but I’m thinking I asking strangers if I can take their photos – can I rely on you to guarantee my bail???

    The dozing little boy is wonderful – one of your charges? And I like the lady in West African dress. A

    • Yes. One of my charges. Such a photogenic tyke. Always ready to pose – as long as I show him, immediately!!
      I would always bail you out, A. But aren’t all those people in car shots candid?

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