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I’m not a fan of heights, but this is one height I can deal with.

Jeff and I had a fabulous Saturday.  First we drove south on the Garden State Parkway about 40 miles until we hit Cape May, NJ.  This is the last stop off the parkway.  It’s all about quaint shops, aromatic restaurants, giant old churches, sandy beaches, and more.  We walked, shopped, and enjoyed  a luscious lunch at Gecko’s Southwestern Restaurant in the middle of town.  After walking a little more, we both had a hankering for a good cup of joe, so we hopped into the Kia and headed back 25 miles north, to Ocean City, NJ.  This is one of Jersey’s more famous shore/resort cities, with, yes, you guessed it, shops, restaurant, churches, sandy beaches, and a rather extensive boardwalk.  WITH RIDES!  Jeff indulged my picture taking quirks and stood by as I clicked off a few shots of one of the rides I can still handle.

These are not the tallest of heights, but they still can provide you with a beautiful view of the ocean as well as the city.  It was a bit chilly so I begged off on the ride, but watched others soar to mini-heights as I captured their adventures. Then, finally, we headed off for that cup of joe.


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38 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – HEIGHT

  1. Fantastic shots of that Ferris Wheel, Gemma. It’s a good while since I went on one of those. I think that these days, I prefer to view from the ground. At least in a plane, I feel safer. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great day out Gemma ! Nice to take off out for one of those .
    Love the Big Wheel they are very popular aren’t they .. but not so keen on the ride myself .. mind you I would still like to go up on the London Eye sometime 🙂

  3. i would have to reach way back to remember when i last rode one of those!!!! wow!

    i have an abnormal request – do you remember ‘that tree’ correspondence? yahoo, my primary email, is morphing into a nightmare, and i am trying to get to gmail and cannot remember my sign-in name! it’s not the first or the 2nd one i’ve had, as they for some reason shut me out -so i open another!

    if you have that old emal from there, would you mind sending that info to me at tzeebra at yahoo dot kom? (sorry bottom row of keys is ill)

    from a restaurant in mindo.. oh, and please send a better internet system so i have that at the house in the kountry!


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