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Monday through Friday, after stopping at my favorite Dunkin’ Donuts, I take a quick walk in order to pick my little 4 year old friend up from school.  He is a very inquisitive, interesting, and curious fella who points out a lot of what I photograph when we’re together.  Most of the time he wants to be in the picture.  Sometimes, not. I told him I needed ‘browns’ and we gathered these photos as a team.  I hope you enjoy our collaborated gallery of browns.

Please do stop over at Ailsa’s to take in a little more of the rich, beautiful browns she’s gathered from other bloggers.  Just click right here.

Thanks for the visit and stop on back.


36 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – BROWN

  1. All these photos are great! Really different. You’ll have to take your little friend along next time there’s a theme, especially when you need things that are close to the ground!

  2. Always good to see through a child’s eye Gemma . Beautiful Browns .
    I’m really loving your photos. You’re enjoying being creative with what you see and what you can do with your photography . It shows 🙂

    • Oh, poppy. I’m trying, but I’m so limited by my lack of observation and creativity. I am attempting to be more vigilant when I look at things, to see through and artist’s eyes. But I feel more like a cyclops. I’m only half way there. 🙂
      Thanks for noticing the effort, though.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous browns and shots Gemma! Looks like you and your little friend had lots of fun. Great choices hon. 😀 *hugs*

  4. I like the pics, Gem – especially the centre one in the lower row, that’s colourful and quite mysterious. And the one right of it too, I like the lighting, and the orientation is striking. A

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