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While out and about this weekend, I found what I think were appropriate subjects for Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week.  Though not much of a traveler, I did accumulate three different takes on the subject.  Tell me what you think.  Delicate? or Not so much.  And then travel over to Ailsa’s blog and see more delicate subjects from some seasoned travelers.  😉

A Christmas tree made of shells.  So delicate that I couldn’t buy it.  It was broken!

Whenever I’m in need of a pick-me-up, flowers always seem to do the trick.  Trader Joe’s  never let’s me down.

Yesterday, I spotted these ‘sailors’ .   This would not be my favorite mode of transportation, mainly because I am not a swimmer and I think it takes a delicate balance to keep you and your vehicle upright.  I did see a few of these sailboats tip precariously and that only reinforced my fears on the subject of sailing.  I also fell into a hole in the ground while making my way to the water’s edge.  Clearly not my cup of tea, this delicate business of boating.  But fun to watch.  Even if from a gopher hole!

Click here and visit more on Ailsa’s blog – wheresmybackpack.


38 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – DELICATE

  1. The Christmas tree looks a little like it’s made of Crocs (the shoes), which would make it more clunky than delicate. Shells are delicate. It’s really cute and beachy. Sailboats scare me, even though I can swim. Swimming doesnt help if you fall into a hole on the way there, though. Smooth move… Love the new After picture! It’s kind of biker-babe, meets the bug. 🙂

  2. I don’t think that shell tree is such a great idea at all. I’m not surprised it was broken. I keep seeing reference to Trade Joe’s on people’s blogs. I wish we had one here in West Palm. The flowers look lovely. I’m also not a swimmer, and was once in a Hobie Cat that tipped over. Never again! 🙂

  3. You did great for the subject of delicate. I do best at putting my feet in a shallow body of water like a puddle..just kidding. I am not a swimmer either..

  4. That tree is truly amazing. How in the world did they make it without breaking it? Well…maybe they didn’t. LOL. I’m with you on sailing. I love to watch, but my boat would be sunk as my balance is precarious on land. On sea? Forget about it! HA.

  5. Loved that tree !!! Much eating was done to accomplish such a wonder!

    BTW, I am really not co-ordinated either and have three bruises done in the past week : )

  6. What a lovely tree! I want to stroke it 🙂
    Flowers always cheer me up too. I came home to a beautiful bouquet from “the girls” in celebration of the birthday. Forgot to take a photo before I split it up into vases! Caramba 🙂

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