Brussels Sprout – a cultivar in the Gemmifera (hey! that’s almost my name) group of cabbages, grown for it’s edible, layered, leafy buds.  These nasty (my opinion) green vegetables are tyically 2.5-4 cm in diameter and look like miniature cabbages. (Wikipedia – minus the opinion)

EDIBLE BUDS!  Yeah.  Right.  One of these might pass my lips!  As much as I love OWLS, I HATE BRUSSELS SPROUTS!  But I never knew they grew like this – on stalks, I mean.  And if it wasn’t for one of my favorite markets – Trader Joe’s – I might never have known.  They don’t look like this in other supermarkets, that I’ve seen.  I was kind of surprised that they grew on stalks, but then what do I know.  I won’t even eat the things.  I think they take a pretty picture, though.  Even brussels sprouts have to be good for something.



brussels sprouts

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Cee’s challenges are always fun.  This week’s Fun Foto is all about two’s.  I captured a couple or four.  😉  Check ’em out.

Two alpacas

These adorable alpacas were vying for some feed at the local farmer’s market this past weekend.  I would have loved a shot of their faces, but they wouldn’t come up for air!

two chocoate cakes

Two chocolate cakes that me and my little buddy (from my HABIT  post)  baked – one for him and one for his bro.

two red trees

Two fabulously red leafed trees that I spotted during a recent walk in my neighborhood.  (No I don’t know the type of trees and would appreciate someone telling me.)

two owls

And last, but certainly not least, two owls on a sweater that I am very tempted to buy, because I LOVE OWLS.

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