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Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge – SHORT


There’s a new fire chief in town.  He’s brave.  He’s bright.  He’s ready  for action.  There’s no better man – ah – boy –  for the job.  In this case, size doesn’t matter.

Z fire chief 2

My little (short?) friend and I delivered some much needed wrapping paper, tape, and ribbon to the Fire House yesterday.  They are looking for toys and gift wrapping for less fortunate children in the area.  People of Collingswood unite!  Grab an extra roll of wrap, a box of Legos, or a stuffed animal.  Whatever floats your boat.  But hop to it  Christmas is just around the bend.

The fireman on duty was kind enough to let my buddy sit in the fire truck and gave him a fire chief hat.  Look at the smile it brought to his face.  Imagine the smile you could bring to a child’s face this holiday season. If you’re not in this area, look into what’s needed in your town.  It’ll bring a smile to your face too!

Thanks for the visit and let me be one of the first to say have some safe and happy holidays.

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31 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – SHORT

  1. So cute. So fun. So helpful. So necessary! My biggest hurdle after buying a pile of toys for the still-displaced Hurricane Sandy kids is – I LOVE the box of 5 baby dolls all in different outfits almost too much to give it up. Yeah. I reluctantly said “almost”. But what’s cuter than a row of baby dolls??

  2. What a great picture ! All shiny and keen 🙂
    Nice to hear of local initiatives for good causes Gemma , involving youngsters to think of others during this very much over exploited consumer driven season can only be a good thing too .

  3. What a fine little fire-fighting partner you got there. Such a wonderful gesture that gives and gives to do things for those less fortunate. I donate to the Tarrant County food bank every year before Thanksgiving. It’s not much, but something. He is too cute!

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