A road trip to Peddler’s Village in PA last week, landed us in the middle of a winter wonderland.  The only problem was, we got there a little too early, and the Christmas decor was a little on the dull side.  This is what we saw when  we approached an arch that lead from one side of the Village to another.

Lahaska arch 1

Not horrible, but not very Christmas-y.

So we walked, and we shopped, and we walked some more.  We stopped for a great cup of coffee and a blueberry scone and then we walked more – a lot more.  And lo and behold, as the darkness started to settle in, the light bulb – or in this case bulbs – went on and Christmas  was  finally and undoubtedly in the air.


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  1. So pretty. They’re crazy not to light them during the day. They wouldn’t be AS striking, but they’d be prettier than when they’re off. Meanwhile, I hope you bought something fun – besides the scone, which is super fun just on its own.

    • That’s no lady! That’s the big man himself – Santa. I took that pic in a Christmas stop and cropped it to fit the header. The entire shot is pretty neat, actually. I used it when I created my own Christmas card this year. If I knew where you were, I’d send you one. 😉 Even though I don’t think you believe in Santa. LOL
      Hugs, G

      • Sometime after I’d posted the comment, even slow old me realised it was Santa – I get there you know … in the end …

        The only Santa I believe in is the one that brings me a bottle of top quality single malt each Christmas – my present to myself – Highland Park, from the Orkney Isles.

        Hope you’re good today, Gem. Where I am? Maybe we should swap addresses – on email! But what a risk!!!!!

        Hugs to you too – many of them! Adrian

      • An email? Lady, daily am I drooling at my despatch box – good job I decided on the rustproof version …

        And re the address thing, well by your own words you freak out first and ask questions afterwards. So my ever fertile mind conjures a bang on our front door, I open the door to a screaming riot – my wife rushes out in the hall shouting “What is it? What is it?”, to which I shout back “Its American that’s what it is, its American!!! …”

      • Oh good grief, I’m half laughing and half crying – from laughter! And if this American showed up at your door it would be a Christmas Miracle BECAUSE I DONT FLY. 😀
        But you’d better have some of that single malt handy, if I ever get up the nerve.

  2. What a nice post to come to after I’ve been in the dark Gemma !
    Lovely lit arches .. I was looking for your little charges running in and out of them 😉

  3. Lights, especially Christmas lights brings out the best and happiest of the Holiday cheer as seen in your fun, amazing pics. Wishing you and your family all the wonderful blessings of Christmas and everyday.

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