I’ll be honest.  I don’t do awards anymore.  Not that I don’t love the nomination and the recognition.  Heck!  Who doesn’t like accolades?  I’m all about being validated – if you know anything at all about me, you know I could stand a Dale Carnegie refresher.  (Yes I did participate in one of Mr C.’s courses and came out at the top of my class, but that’s another story).

dale carnegie

(Credit to Amazon for the book cover.)

Thing is, I just feel a little uncomfortable passing it on, so I will do the questions, shout out a HUGE THANK YOU to my blogger buddy, Cee at (this is a blog you DON’T want to miss) and offer anyone that crosses my path to participate and scoop up the award if you feel so inclined.

So here’s to Cee!  Thank you so much for thinking of me.

And here’s to you all!  Thanks for hanging in there with me so that I feel like my blog about nothing means a little something.

And here are the questions, with my candid reponses.

1.  Your favorite color?  Green in all it’s shades and glory 

2.  Your favorite animal?  I love my dog, but I’d have to say my favorite?  Horse.

3.  Your favorite non-alcoholic drink?  Flavored seltzer. Orange/Vanilla and then grapefruit to be precise.

4.  Facebook or Twitter?  Accounts on both but almost never use them.  So neither.

5.  Your favorite pattern?  Not a pattern kinda girl.  Is tie-dyed a pattern?

6.  Do you prefer getting or giving presents? That’s honestly a toss up.

7.  Your favorite number?  13

8.  Your favorite day of the week?  Friday.  It’s just an “ahhhhhhh” day.

9.  Your favorite flower?  Never gave it a thought, but I suppose I’d have to say rose, since I’ve got a rose tattoo on my right ankle.

10. What is your passion?  I like an awful lot of things, but I’ve never been passionate about anything for very long.  Sad, huh?

So that’s it.  I know.  I’m vague.  I don’t follow the rules.   And I’m a little dull, now that I read this over.  But rules and such aside, I want to thank Cee, again, for thinking enough of me to throw me into the mix for the nomination.  Visit her, please, you won’t be disappointed. wp family blog award