I’ll be honest.  I don’t do awards anymore.  Not that I don’t love the nomination and the recognition.  Heck!  Who doesn’t like accolades?  I’m all about being validated – if you know anything at all about me, you know I could stand a Dale Carnegie refresher.  (Yes I did participate in one of Mr C.’s courses and came out at the top of my class, but that’s another story).

dale carnegie

(Credit to Amazon for the book cover.)

Thing is, I just feel a little uncomfortable passing it on, so I will do the questions, shout out a HUGE THANK YOU to my blogger buddy, Cee at ceenphotography.com (this is a blog you DON’T want to miss) and offer anyone that crosses my path to participate and scoop up the award if you feel so inclined.

So here’s to Cee!  Thank you so much for thinking of me.

And here’s to you all!  Thanks for hanging in there with me so that I feel like my blog about nothing means a little something.

And here are the questions, with my candid reponses.

1.  Your favorite color?  Green in all it’s shades and glory 

2.  Your favorite animal?  I love my dog, but I’d have to say my favorite?  Horse.

3.  Your favorite non-alcoholic drink?  Flavored seltzer. Orange/Vanilla and then grapefruit to be precise.

4.  Facebook or Twitter?  Accounts on both but almost never use them.  So neither.

5.  Your favorite pattern?  Not a pattern kinda girl.  Is tie-dyed a pattern?

6.  Do you prefer getting or giving presents? That’s honestly a toss up.

7.  Your favorite number?  13

8.  Your favorite day of the week?  Friday.  It’s just an “ahhhhhhh” day.

9.  Your favorite flower?  Never gave it a thought, but I suppose I’d have to say rose, since I’ve got a rose tattoo on my right ankle.

10. What is your passion?  I like an awful lot of things, but I’ve never been passionate about anything for very long.  Sad, huh?

So that’s it.  I know.  I’m vague.  I don’t follow the rules.   And I’m a little dull, now that I read this over.  But rules and such aside, I want to thank Cee, again, for thinking enough of me to throw me into the mix for the nomination.  Visit her, please, you won’t be disappointed. wp family blog award




  1. Congratulations, Gemma….I think. 😕 I also don’t do awards any more. I left them all behind on my other blog. 🙂 You must have been in your element today, being Friday 13th. I won’t breathe a word to Rocky about your favourite animal being a horse. 🙂

  2. You’ve ‘managed’ the awards nominations with great aplomb Gemma 😉
    Totally agree with you – lovely photos and popular Challenges makes Cee’s blog a must -go -visit – place !

  3. I think this is a good way to accept the nomination as spending time on passing it on takes to long. I am thinking of doing the same as you: acknowledging the award without passing it on.

  4. OK, Gem, let’s get stuck into a few things here. I don’t do awards either, and neither do I enter any sort of competition associated with photography – tho I did get entered into one recently without my knowledge – and I’m not doing blisteringly well in it!

    In my humble opinion, you do not need a Dale Carnegie refresher, not at all. “I freak out first and ask questions later” sticks in my mind, and gives me all those nightmares, but that’s fine with me. And, ok, there is The Pond between us and I may change my name, but, well, details, details. Can I be ChairFATperson of your fan club???

    And now the quiz. These quizzes are good! Favourite colour has always been red. My favourite animal – easy! – domestic cats (Cheetah used to be domesticated too, and I could certainly stand having one of those around the house – and imagine taking it out for walkies! .., and spending long evenings gazing into those deep, amber eyes … ).

    Non-alcoholic drink. Bit of a fringe interest question, this, isn’t it? But ok – a pint of cold soda water with ice and lemon – rather than booze, this is what I drink in restaurants and pubs like Ye Olde Red Lion.

    Twitter – but I really only use it to feed tweets onto my WordPress blog. Have never used Facebook.

    Pattern??? I like striped shirts, with vertical stripes that make me look slimmer 🙂 ! Also camouflage patterns – a low profile is always useful …. Presents – this was in an earlier quiz of your’s – prefer both. Favourite number = 3 and multiples thereof – and by chance this has Pagan connotations. Favourite day – don’t have one now that I’m retired. Flower – Snowdrops and Crocuses – although not really a flowerist, I have always doted on these two plants.

    Passions – OMG! I will confess to photography and thereafter remain coy.

    Great quiz! God knows what it makes me – prolix probably. Cheers, Adrian 😉

    • Oh my goodness! You can definitely run my fan club! I have to warn you. It would probably just be you and me!
      I don’t know what snowdrops are so I’m off to GOOGLE AGAIN.
      Your passion. Photography? Really? I would have never guessed. LOL
      Thanks for playing along, Adrian. I like learning more about you.
      Toodles, ATP

  5. I’m glad you decided to participate. I really like that you talked about not wanting to nominate others. I hate to burden any with something that they need to do. Plus I follow a lot of blogs and don’t like leaving someone out either. I might start being more you like!!!

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