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In years gone by, winter brought visions of sugar plums and brilliantly white snowy days, like these.

With icicles nearly a yard long.

With icicles nearly a yard long.

And decks dangerously weighed down.

And decks covered in white.

And trees totally bogged down and what might look like down!

Trees totally bogged down with what might look like down!

And views of the street - What street?!

And views of the street – What street?!

But this year, with the temperatures soaring to nearly 70 degrees, I would never have know it was winter.  No coats, nearly thinking I might wear my sandals, there were no signs of the Old Man at all.  

Ah, but I did have a reminder of the first day, though not by the weather.  My mom’s birthday falls of that day, so I didn’t need a snowfall to tell me it was December 21.

Happy Birthday, momma.  Ti amo, cara.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM December 21, 2013

December 21, 2013

Skate on over to Ailsa’s at wheresmybackpack to see more of what winter means to her and her blogging friends.  Click on the snowflake below.



33 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – WINTER

  1. Lovely Winter Snow scenes Gemma … the weather does seem to have gone haywire for some this year !
    Look @ you and your Momma 🙂 Lovely picture . Sending late birthday wishes across the miles …

  2. Aw, this was really special. After so many icy-cold snow pics, a photo that surprised me and brought a warm tear to my eye. I wasn’t expecting it. Your mother looks like someone I’d like to know. And the caption in Italian makes it all perfect!

  3. You make me want to hibernate!

    A week ago, we got dumped on with snow and had a big dig out. This past weekend, an ice storm which caused us to loose a full 24hrs of power. I hate throwing out good food! Now the temperatures dropping and it’s likely to stay cold until the New Year.


  4. What a beautiful photo of you and your mom Gemma. Love your hairstyle hon! Happy Birthday to your mom and best wishes for all that’s good in life. The snow photo’s are just as gorgeous. Love them. 😀 *hugs*

    • Same smile. I know ❤️
      There will most likely be more snowfalls. Hopefully not as crazy as that one. Getting to old for the shoveling and the snowblower died!
      I am so due for a beach walk. Have a happy winter, Jo.

  5. Its really good to see that picture of you and your mum (mom, rather!), very glad you posted it! And I’m glad we don’t (usually!) get snow like you do – how boring can I get!!! A 🙂

    • We did yesterday, but it rained like a crazy monsoon on the lose today so it is mostly gone and now they are talking -12 wind chill for tomorrow. In unusual for us. Brrrr…
      Thanks, bente. No match for your white wonderland, though. 😉

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