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Cheri Lucas Rowlands @ WordPress is asking us to show our interpretation of Beginning.  I took advantage of her wording – variety of submissions – and decided it was about time I posted about the beginning of a new love affair.

In a previous post, I mentioned my dislike  for the likes of Brussels Sprouts.  Yes!  Brussels Sprouts.

I was immediately met with comments about the wonders of this tiny cabbage-like veggie.  I was given advice and recipes.  I was chastised and cajoled.  I was coaxed into cooking it and promised I would find pleasure in it’s taste and texture.

So after 62 years of going sans the sprout, I purchased a bag, handed it to the cook of the house, and told him to have at it!  And he did.  And I’m glad.  Thanks to everyone that took the time to bug me about Brussels Sprouts.

The beginning of a new love affair.

Oh and of course, thanks to the cook of the house!

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  1. The Brussels sprouts look great in your photos but I’m not convinced they’ll taste good. I’ve never liked them either.

  2. Mmmm…looks delicious Gemma. I love brussel sprouts! I hate pumpkin though. LOL!
    Great shots hon and thanks for sharing. *big hugs*

  3. Dear firstandfabulous,

    My Dad is a great advocate of the sprout (cue numerous childhood memories), but I had to wait until my thirties before I could enjoy them. Not regularly, but I can now appreciate their flavour. Not so with my sister. She has to forego Dad’s rather tasty cooking whenever they are included; which I think has fuelled her bitter dislike of them – because they prevent her from eating what she knows would otherwise be delectable.

    P.S.: What is this recipe? I think Dad would be bowled over if I cooked it for him.

  4. Excellent! >>> and I think I was one of the ones badgering you! I hated them as a child, but my mother told that they are in fact small cabbages and that made it alright – and I’ve found them delicious ever since! And they’re healthy too – congrats on your new love affair!!! A xxx

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