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A blogger friend (Janna Hill ) suggested mixing apples with lemons and then doing the dunk with some thick creamy carmel. Results: Applicious!!!! “A” is for apple, frizz. 20140109-122523.jpg20140109-122546.jpg 20140109-122619.jpg

Click the image below to see more of frizz’s A-Z Challenge.20140109-144320.jpg


16 thoughts on “TUESDAY’S A-Z CHALLENGE

  1. I am on board with the apples and caramel, but two thumbs down on the lemons. One of these things is not like the others…. Also when I run out of apples, I am not above sticking my head into the bowl to finish the caramel. Please say you do this too.

    • The lemon gives the apple a slightly different, but delicious taste, plus the apples don’t turn brown, which is pretty pleasing to the eye. And yes, when all is said and done, the face goes into the carmel.

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