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You may THINK it’s cold.  And it may very well BE cold.  But it took me a long time to learn that My Perception is My REALITY.

Mind over matter, my friends. 

To quote the unconventional Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn: “Remember. Your focus determines your reality.”

Rocky is focused! And the snow means nothing to him.  His reality is no toy is too big to play with and no amount of snow is going to stop him.

It’s all in your head. 🙂

rocky snow ball

Jake is back!  Click on the badge he graciously created and shared and visit his site.



24 thoughts on “JAKE’S SUNDAY POST – 2014 – REALITY

  1. Rocky have the right idea there Gemma. That looks like lots of fun indeed but I am sure my mind is going to tell me that snow is damn cold. LOL! Let’s get mind over matter and jump in there with Rocky and make snow angels. 😆

    Great shot hon. 😀 *hugs*

  2. Well, you may be right about mind over matter, Gem … but I’m not sure I’m up for this … getting a little nervous now … although an ex did walk over glowing coals …

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  4. Many dogs do enjoy the snow – especially the furry ones. On occasion I have seen huskies frolicking I. The snow and their joy brought a smile to my face.

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