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Tuesday is A-Z alphabet challenge day and frizz @ flickrcomments has started another round of Alphabet challenges.

The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia splashed their second most popular exhibit in the  Philadelphia Inquirer this week, and it works for this week’s letter “B”.


Dinosaurs are the most popular exhibit, but “D”s not for two more Tuedays.  “B” is for beautiful, bountiful, brilliant, butterflies.

butterfly Inquirer 2

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!  Or better yet, if you’re in the neighborhood, visit the museum.  It is on my list of to-do’s.

Before rushing off to do that, visit flickrcomments by clicking on the icon below.



24 thoughts on “TUESDAY’S A-Z CHALLENGE – “B”

  1. I have to accuse my cat
    (she doesn’t know “regret”)
    in our garden she jumped high
    caught and ate a butterfly!
    is that a poem?
    if, you say yes,
    it would be my very first
    in a foreign language 🙂

  2. Lovely ! What a great place to visit Gemma .. I see that there is a Bird of Paradise Exhibition coming up in May …. am sure you’ll be hot footing it down there then too 🙂

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