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Apparently we are in the grips of a polar vortex.  It doesn’t take a genius or a meteorologist to know polar vortex equals COLD.  My car is telling me this!

temp pic framed

“C” is for COLD!  Which is just what it is around here.

The icicles hanging precariously from our gutters are another indication.


As COLD as it was, my son broke out the shovel and my husband, the snow blower.  Me?  I thought supervising – from inside a warm, cozy house – was the smart thing to do.

snow jan 2014

Cover up, people and stay warm.  I hear it’s not over yet.

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31 thoughts on “TUESDAY’S A-Z CHALLENGE – “C”

  1. That sure is a lot of snow Gemma and it looks very cold indeed. Here we use leaf blowers but I don’t think it will work for the snow..hehehehe.
    Stay warm hon and thanks for sharing these lovely shots. *hugs*

  2. Oh my, it looks very cold out there. Here in Abu Dhabi we’re reaching up to 8 degrees Celsius only, and it doesn’t snow, yet I’m complaining 😮
    Please do take care and stay safe 🙂

  3. I don’t think our temps are going over freezing for another whole week, yet! When the storm was about to start on Tuesday, and the temps were diving, our furnace failed. Happily the techs braved the storm to restore our heat, but house was quite cold for much of the storm. Cozy = not. Enough already.

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