Do you recharge your energy by going out with friends for a good time or by spending quiet time alone?

I definitely recharge better alone.  I don’t have friends.  (A slight exaggeration but not too far off) When Jeff’s not away with work, we gallivant which tires me out more than charges me up. So ALONE, sitting at my desk, on my electronic equipment.

desk flowers 2

What is the most number of blankets you’ve ever had on your bed?

I think three.  And I have been known to go to sleep with p.j.’s AND a robe.  Sexy, huh? (No photo. Say thank you. 😉 )

You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met. Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?

I’d go and pretend I’m a paparazzi.  Yeah, that’s it!  I could pull that off.  Seriously?  No, I’d stay home and chew nails before I attended a party with people I never met.

Do you like talking to people on the phone? Or do you prefer voice mail or email?

Voice mail, email, text, western union, morse code – these are my communication of choice.  I could use that introverted poster on Cee’s blog to hang in my house.  See answer to question number 1. 😉

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