Apparently several family members have different ideas about how and where to relax.
Phoenix, our feline, prefers my jacket and the couch.

Rocky, our shepherd, thinks my yoga mat is the way to go.


Jeff swears we will retire to South Carolina and Fripp Island is the place that convinced him of this.  Soooooo relaxing.

Jeff contemplating retirment

And, after a week’s stay in the hospital with double pneumonia, the flu, and congestive heart failure, my mom has found her niche in our home.  This is her new place to relax. Thankfully, she is doing a little better every day. This is momma in her sanctuary.

Now I need a place for me to relax!
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24 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST – A PLACE TO RELAX

  1. I am glad to hear your momma is doing better Gemma and love the relaxing shots. Nothing better than having fun when you’re relaxing. Have a lovely weekend hon. 😀 *big hugs*

  2. Lilly took over the golden room! What’s up!? If there wasn’t a cat on your jacket, you could grab it and meet me at Mastori’s, but even that was comandeered. Cupcake wants to know why Phoenix can’t go outside and sit under the cars like the cats in our neighborhood.

  3. Do you relax with your camera in your hand? It’s maybe one way!
    Photos are really fine, with witty taglines. Good luck to mom. Jeff has good taste, Pat Conroy (Prince of Tides) has/had a home on Fripp Island.
    Of course he shared it with an alligator. Just saying.

    • The camera intimidates me. I am still struggling with it so most of my pix are of iPhone decent. I need a private tutor. Ha ha. Jeff’s mom use to share her complex with an alligator in Florida. A little puppy disappeared once. Just saying. 😀
      Thanks for stopping by, Judith.

  4. Oh I like these pictures, Gem! My favourite has to be Phoenix because I’m dotty about cats – but his (or is it her???) pose is also wonderful – gloriously feline!!! And its also especially good to see your mum in her niche – and also hearing the good news about her. ATP

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