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Raise your hand if you have one of these. Now I’m not poking fun at this. I’m a big fan of flamingos. But you have to admit, this is taking pink, and flamingo to a whole new level.


This is all the pink I plan to post. ‘Nough said.
Click on the Brussel sprouts (ok just a little more pink) to get to Ailsa’s Pink Challenge and thanks for stopping by.


29 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – PINK

  1. Taking things to a new level or not, the flamingo is wonderful – outrageous too, but wonderful for all that. And here in the UK, if you want pink, all you have to do is look at any little girl outdoors – pink is their colour and they wear shedloads of it! And yesterday, there was even one on her way to school, with a full sized, bright pink briefcase! A

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