Blissful Miss Spring:  Dear Old Man Winter, I’m begging you please. Move over.  Make room for the birds and some bees.

Old Man Winter:  Silly Miss Spring.  Get up off your knees.  I’m still not prepared to cut back on the freeze.

Blissful Miss Spring:  Sweet Old Man Winter,  oh, just a slight breeze.  One that will whistle through leaves in the trees.

Old Man Winter: Give a reason,  just one if you please.  A reason to bring back the birds and the bees.

Blissful Miss Spring:  Gosh, Old Man Winter.  Well – Geez Louise!  It’s just about time that you catch you some Z’s!

Looking forward to a blissful beginning to another new spring.  How about you?


This is in response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Threshold, as well as a blogger-friend’s reminder that it is poetry month. (Janna)   (And I throw out the word “poetry” loosely!)

wordpress 2014


  1. i wish i could send you some tropical weather.. but then, ‘m reading about a possible el nino building way out there in the depths of the pacific, and if that happens, you don’t want this tropical weather!!!!

    tie a knot and hang on.. surely springtime is right around the corner… 

    looks like some stormy weather swept thru today……  i was reading wunderground (reat el nino post today there)…

    sending you thoughts of tropical flowers!!!



  2. A really stunning post, Gemma. Love your beautiful Spring flowers and your entertaining dialogue between Miss Spring and Old Man Winter. It looks like Sweet Miss Spring is winning the argument. 🙂

  3. Sweet poem, G. That Winter guy does need a nap! I’m tired of his wind flipping my ears inside out. Doorways usually scare me, but this is one threshold I can’t wait to cross!

    Love and licks,

  4. Definitely looking forward to spring – warmer days, lazing on the Levels! I like the flower photos too, especially the four in the top row, and that wonderfully lit grove of crocuses that appears in the right hand image of the second row down. A 🙂

  5. Gorgeous flowers! It’s springtime here in the UAE and we are enjoying a very nice weather.The best part is that we are still on a 2-week spring break in school 🙂

  6. Love that first shot especially, Gem, and I’m still smiling at your poem 🙂 I know! I know! It’s no longer funny 🙂
    Glad you could get Mum out for a while.

    • Batten down the hatches and hang on to your sombreros! Be safe, amigos. And thanks for the warm breezes. I don’t know if it was your delivery, but it’s warmer than yesterday. Still rainy, but warmer. Thanks!

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