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Patterns made of sticks and stones

Have fun creating

My friend and I played with sticks and stones and he came up with part of the alphabet.  I guess maybe that’s a stretch – to call these patterns…

But then we fooled around with it a little and made these out of those…

Now, those are patterns.

After play, of course, there’s always a snack, so this…

Z a snack

Became this…

Z a snack pattern

The mind of a child – or two  😉

Stop over and see Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge by clicking on the icon below.  And don’t forget to have fun – with patterns, life, children, snacks … 😉




  1. You’re never stymied for original thought! I like this so much, Gem 🙂
    Where did I see a ‘fruit animal’ today? Can’t remember, but it was fierce!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Love the haiku. 5-7-5 pattern. The alphabet can be a pattern with or without the kaleidoscope effects. Cool, both ways. Plus my dentist is hoping everybody eats lots and lots of those red candies, every single day!

  3. Modern hieroglyphs in a kaleidoscope Gemma … and a tasty snack made to last longer .. only just … Lovely post …
    I remember you saying a while back you felt didn’t really ‘get’ haiku … ah but you do Gemma you do 🙂

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