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Cee has thrown out the shadow gauntlet and I’m hoping that she doesn’t mind that I fooled with this a bit.  I downloaded a new app and I’m having fun with it.  So, since this is the “FUN FOTO CHALLENGE”…

Forgive me, Cee.  I might have gone overboard.


Click on the funky little icon below and check out Cee’s fun challenge.


Thanks for stopping by.  🙂



  1. perfect combination… i remember my BFF back in the day, we were so close that our other friends gave us that moniker! love your take on Cee’s challenge, have a FUN weekend …

    • How many of us heard that back in the day when we had all the time in the world for just ‘strolling down the avenue’ ♪♫ ♪♫♪♪.
      ☮ thanks for stopping by, bob’s wife. 😉

  2. Oh I certainly like these pictures, Gem, they’re very well done! My favourite has to be the centre one in the top row, for two reasons. First, its almost a black and white shot, apart from that great, intruding slab of seat, which I think gives it a very unreal, even surreal appearance – have you been hitting the wine again??? 😉

    And the picture is in at least 3 layers. You’re the dark shadow spreading over this great blue, perforated slab of seat, and the very top right tip of the seat just goes over the tree trunk’s shadow, so making 3 layers. It could be argued that you yourself are another layer, although you’re not in the image. And looking at this in a different way, the “angular chunks” of the wall could be the nearest (i.e. uppermost) layer here, with the other elements of the image seen through the gaps between them.

    If it were me, I’d make all of the shadows a little darker, to give them a little more substance. This is truly an intriguing image. A

    • Wow! I went back and forth 3 times, reading this and checking out the photo. Oh what I could learn about photography from a master like you. Thanks for the comments and tips, A. I did think the color of that bench really gave the shots an interesting look. I’ll need to practice working on the shadows.
      Have a fab weekend. Try to enjoy your upcoming ‘adventure’. I’ll he thinking of you.

      • I thought this might give you a shock – but I mean everything I said about the image, its intriguing. I’d take the image into mono and then restore the seat’s blue. And you don’t have to practice with the shadows, just make them a little darker – try glaring at them, that should do it … And because the blue seat overlaps the tree’s shadow but is not shaded by the tree’s shadow, you could say the tree’s shadow is yet another layer in the composition, if you were dotty … like me … Yes, please, keep thinking of me – and a little prayer won’t go amiss … xxx

  3. You and your shadow are so adorable and gorgeous Gemma! Great shots and love the editing. Looks like you had fun indeed. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

  4. I really like the graphic nature of the 3rd photo with the shadow of the railing. What app were you experimenting with?

  5. Who doesn’t love a shadow selfie! And great shots and treatments… I like the two bench ones the best. Which platform do you use? I like Pixlr Express (which is across all platforms including online) and I’m getting into Photo toaster as well (only iphone/pad) for frames. Nice job my dear.

  6. Oh dear! I’m doing a Morecambe and Wise along the boulevard. What am I talking about? I don’t even have a boulevard! But I do have a shadow, on a good day, Gem 🙂 How’s it going?

    • Things are not great but we push thru and continue on the journey.
      Take care, Jo. Hope your trip went well. I’m not on the computer much these days, so I’m kind of out of everyone’s loop, but I hope to return full swing one day. 😉

    • Oh missing blogging but stopping by when I can. Hope to be back soon. Thanks for reaching out, SC. I’m fine. Family (mom) stuff keeping me a bit busy and rearranging my life a tad til I can work it out.

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