A mother and son collaboration.  Going along with the title, I decided to have a little fun with these fotos.  I included a few circles and curves,  a quote or two,  credit where credit is due, and a clever quip from a blogging buddy.  Enjoy and then circle around to Cee’s blog and see more on Circles and Curves.  Just click on the icon at the end of this post, and thanks for stopping by.

Gotta love these apps! By mother and son. Quote by Gerry C.

by my son and me – Quote by Gerry C.

What could be more honest and genuine than a cat.  They don’t pull any punches, nor do they fake their feelings, concerns, and wishes.  I’d like to take a page out of this kitty’s book.  To thine own self – and everyone else – be true. In the long run, you won’t have to untangle a lie.  🙂 Kitty Quote by Gerry C.  You can read more about Gerry here.

Sunset at the jersey shore - by mother and son

Sunset at the jersey shore –
by my son and me

Don't waste it!  by mom

Don’t waste it!
by me

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