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The top of a gazebo? A giant birdcage?  A incredibly large lawn ornament? An alien spaceship’s skeletal remains?

I don’t know what this old relic is.  You tell me?

relic Platts Nursery

If you think you can figure it out, give me your take on what this might be, then head over to this week’s WordPress Challenge – Relic, by clicking on the WP icon and see more…  No pressure…

wordpress 2014


  1. Oooh I’d love to rescue this one Gemma ..old fashioned.fragrant sweet peas all up and over … wonderful .
    Super find photographed !

  2. Old relic? For a moment I thought you meant me! What it is? I’d go for a pergola which plants can climb up over and so form a roof; and the “skeletal cannon”-like things had plants in the bulbously barred bits that grew up and out through the “cannon’s” open mouths??? ATP xxx

  3. I think it’s an alien skeletal remains or an ancient transformer waiting to be activated ! Fun my friend. Thanks for a good morning imagination teaser. Have a blessed week!

  4. It looks like a lovely dome gazebo that would look terrific in my garden, a coat of rustoleum and good to go! Is it yours?

  5. That does look like a gazebo Gemma. What a beauty! Can you imagine how beautiful it would look when it’s cleaned and painted? Wow! 😀

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