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back again to share…

Q #1 If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be? (Guests can be dead, alive, famous, or someone you just know)

Abe Lincoln, George Harrison,  Anne Frank


Q #2   What can you always be found with?

My glasses, my iPhone, my sense of humor

Q #3   What is the most fun thing you did in school?

Strange, but true.  I remember very little from school. Nothing fun. Frustrating, really.  (Sometimes I think I should seek professional help on this one)



Q #4  What’s something you know you do differently than most people.

Speak Italian to my mom.  I’m sure there are a lot of people who do, but not most people. 🙂

Bonus questions: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I am SO grateful for a day at our beach house last week.  It was the first of the summer.  Family matters have taken precedence.  It was wonderful, relaxing, and RELAXING!

I am looking forward to my sister visiting next week.  She’s coming up from Florida to help take care of our mom, and I am looking forward to AND grateful for the help.

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29 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR WORLD – 2014 WEEK 31

  1. Ok So I had an awwwww moment on that one! & I would love to interview Anne Frank myself ! But my other two would be James Dean & Marilyn Monroe.

  2. Love these bits of your life that you share! Is that your own drawing of yourself at the desk? I like it. And bonus points for wanting to interview Anne Frank.

    • Those pix of ‘me’ are called Bitstrips. If you have a Facebook account you can make your own. Such fun. I’m not a huge fan of FB but the Bitstrips are cool. And, yes Anne Frank. What more could she tell? Amazing. Thanks, Trish.

  3. Cute Bitstrips and excellent sharing. So sad about not remembering any fun things from school. Shame on your teachers! They must’ve been slackers. One of many favorite school memories for me was listening to my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Nelson read stories to us. Treasure Island, The Wizard of Oz… Awesome!

  4. Well I’m fascinated by some of your answers here, Gem, real looks inside your soul – and I love the cartoons! Speaking Italian to your mom – and interviewing Anne Frank! I’ve read her diary many times, albeit long ago. OK, no one expects The Inquisition (Brit humour …), so here goes. These questions make me think!

    Chat show guests – my paternal grandmother, Hester Llewellyn West, who passed on to me many, many qualities, including artistic leanings, and who was “a bit of a raver”! (I suspect the show would be censored). Queen Elizabeth I of England. Beowulf (and an interpreter!).

    I’m always with – my glasses, a pocket handkerchief, my two keys, and my imagination and humour.

    Fun things at school – playing rugby and surviving downright dangerous chemistry lessons, and being allowed to teach myself geology.

    Different to most people? In my life, and especially now that my thoughts are becoming clearer in my dotage, I value things that many don’t, and regard as worthless some things that many value.

    Last week, I was up on top the Mendip Hills, which were glorious; and I had a great lunch with an old friend. This week coming – not a lot planned yet, except a meeting to think about the group I may lead looking at pictures. A 🙂

    • A raver? That’s a cool word. I think I’m a raver. If I’m not, I want to be one. 😉 Teach yourself geology? How does that happen? Isn’t that what you eventually got into? Geology?
      I recall your lunch. You sounded happy telling that adventure. And I wish I was in your group. :-). Maybe I can learn about my camera!!!!!

  5. I love the RELAXING part Gemma . Lovely to share the week with your sister in many ways ..a little breathing space and support alongside everything else .x

  6. I actually know a lot of people who really don’t remember school….so don’t beat yourself up 🙂 Love your answers this week. Your guests very interesting. I adore your sense of humor too.

  7. Love the cartoons of yourself, Gemma. Very clever indeed. 🙂 Enjoy the relaxation, and being able to share with your sister, the responsibility of looking after your mom. Wishing you all a great week. *hugs*

  8. So glad your sister’s come to lend a hand, Gem! And the beach house! YAY!!!
    The Bitstrips are great 🙂 One of my friends uses them on Facebook. Nice to see them here. Wish I was fluent in Italian (or anything, really!). I didn’t know you were 🙂

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