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Have your blogging goals changed?

Yes they have.  This blog was suppose to be all about my last year of teaching, but that never got off the ground, proving I rarely finish what I start. (See below)   So now I just want to take pictures and write –  and like the caption up top says, simply blog about nothing. Hey, ‘nothing’ worked for Seinfeld!

If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do?

I would love to prance around the ring on horseback.  At this point in time, it would be more like broken back.  Dang these degenerative discs! 

If you could go back and talk to yourself at age 18 what advice would you give yourself? Or if you are younger than 25 what words of wisdom would you like to tell yourself at age 45?

Read more.

Write more.

Be less critical.

Be more nurturing.

Finish things you start.

Start the day with a positive thought.

End each day with gratitude,

and always say your prayers.

What is your favorite comfort snack food?

Cheese and crackers, El Diablo hot mustard for dipping, and Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter Beer.  And if I’m out and about, a Philly Pretzel will do just fine.  Great stuff, huh?  Well the keys words were comfort snack food, not healthy snack food.




Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Lunch with my friend, Gen, mother of Cupcake, who lives too far away to see as often as I’d like, but who is always in the car and heading south when I need her.  As far as looking forward to, well, nothing planned, so I guess I’m in for a surprise! 


Gen, Cupcake’s mom. http://cupcakepetrillo.wordpress.com (Ah, Cupcake is a pup.)

Try sharing your world over at Cee’s blog.  Click on the icon below.  It’ll get you there. 🙂


24 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR WORLD – WEEK 35

  1. Now you’ve made my mouth water, Gemma. I’ve never come across that SBJCPBP beer, but it sounds delicious, and just the thing to imbibe before prancing around on horseback. Cupcake’s mom looks like a lovely lady. 🙂

  2. OK, Sharing My World, and one of these really makes me think. But the first is easy – my blogging goals are quite unchanged – photography is a HUGE creative outlet for me, and my blog is THE ideal vehicle for getting my visual creations (creations – how grand!) out to the wide world. Its not a goal but, over the years, I have also come to vastly enjoy communicating with other bloggers – like you!!!

    Circus? God knows! But no, wait, I’m a clown, so that’s what I would have to be.

    And giving advice to myself at age 18, I had no idea about, but suddenly its obvious – but how can I put this? I would impart a lifetime’s worth of advice that I badly needed at age 18 on how to interact and socialise with the opposite sex – there, that’s delicately enough put, isn’t it? And I would also explain to my younger self that, although I had yet to realise it, a grandmother that I had never known had given me an eye for a picture.

    Gem, I LOVE this comfort food you’ve pictured here!!! I mean, we were talking about Obama – is this what he eats when everything goes wrong in the world???!!! As a beer-swilling Brit, the Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter Beer just has me in hysterics, but the prize for weird just has to be the pretzel – not sure I’ve ever eaten one. But me? Certainly Duvel beer from Belgium and good Somerset cider too; chevra, an Indian snack, like curried chilli crisps; and bread and cheese or tongue or ham; pork pie, sliced tomatoes and salt; Full English Breakfasts; plain chocolate digestive biscuits.

    Last week we gained another grand daughter, and very old friends now living Stateside came to see me. This week my wife is off work and, amongst other things, we’re going to a Macdonalds!!! And I’m going to buy a fast attack table tennis bat that I’ll probably never master using!!!! A

    • Circus clown? And a good one you’d be! Eating tongue?Yuck! I actually tried that once and NO THANK YOU! I’m not touching the ‘sex’ thing with a ten foot pole! And, you have tons to be grateful for. WAHOO!

  3. A joy and a blessing to share your week my friend. If I have the chance to go back to my younger self, I will copy all you wrote. I will probably add the following, “live a simple life, travel as much to your country of birth and immerse in its culture, spend as much time with family, don’t be afraid to try something new and unfamiliar, listen to what your heart wants, trust only those who earned it through the years. We learn as we get older but no matter what, we should always cherish, celebrate and find time for true family and friends. Kind of what you showed us today. Thanks. Have a blessed day.

  4. I always knew I’d led a sheltered life! Chocolate Peanut Butter beer??? Can’t I just have strawberry cheesecake icecream (with white chocolate chips). Pretty please? 🙂 Or some of those blueberries you mentioned? When is blueberry season? Bet I’ve missed it!

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